Which Is The Best Cricut Heat Press Machine In 2022?

Cricut Heat Press Machine
December 21, 2022 by
Richie Remington

You can buy the best heat press for your home or craft room from our list of the best heat press available in various forms, and they are more adaptable now. These craft devices can create unique bags, caps, and shirts. We concluded some of the best heat press machines for industrial processes at home. Also, if you want to expand your crafting, these best machines will help you with this. When a simple iron can be used to transfer vinyl, the heat press machine is designed for it specifically. The Cricut heat press devices offer even pressure and heat, adjusted and automated temperatures with consistent results.

You will need a craft cutting machine to extract the most from the heat press. For this, just look at our list of the best Cricut machine features. Let’s look at the best heat press.

Cricut EasyPress 3

It is one of the best heat press machines.


  • Best for shirts, bags, and many more
  • Dimensions: 9X9 or 12X10 inches
  • Features: Bluetooth, 400F/205C, adjustable settings and 60 second transfer

It’s an impressive, newest model in the brand’s main machine list. This new machine has the same specs as their old Cricut Easy Press 2, which is also one of the top ones on our list. Plus, it makes it easy to use. Hence, if you want a first-time heat press, it’s an important purchase. The Cricut EasyPress 3 Bluetooth connectivity is a good feature that can connect the device directly to the Cricut Heap App. The software allows you to manage settings, temperature, and timings and establish use presets.

Cricut EasyPress 2

It is one of the most affordable heat press machines:

  • It is best for shirts and bags
  • Dimensions: 9X9 or 12 X 10 inches
  • Features: 400F/205C
  • Adjustable settings
  • 60-second transfer

This Cricut EasyPress 2 machine fits into the easy-to-use crafting machines for small businesses and as hobbies. It has the same specification as the new EasyPress 3. However, it doesn’t include Bluetooth connectivity to the new Heat press app. It comes in two sizes and options for a traditional red or the new lilac. Hence, you can choose the best one for your project. Any design you choose will transfer the design in 60 seconds.

You can feel confident about your results with adjustable temperatures up to 180C and a countdown timer that works automatically. The results will last for more. If you find any issues, you can easily re-press adhesives for a few seconds. This is why EasyPress 3 has taken the place of EasyPress 2. So, if you are looking for a bargain, you have the chance.

Cricut EasyPress Mini

It is the best heat press machine for crafters.


  • It is best for small tasks
  • Dimensions: 10.1X 9.3 X 5 cm
  • Features: Suitable for sewing and automated heating

If you are looking for the best Cricut heat press machine for smaller tasks, try the Cricut EasyPress Mini. It covers a small heat press area of just 8.2 X 4.8 cm, which makes it ideal for hats or badges. This machine model is the perfect and easy one to go with. It includes three temperature settings as compared to the larger machines. However, it’s a nice option. Hence, in this review, we found the Cricut EasyPress Mini review as the perfect gadget for sewing and quilting projects.

Cricut Mug Press

It is the best heat press machine for mugs.


  • Ideal for making mugs
  • Dimensions: 33.9 X 23.5 X 21.2 cm
  • Features: support mug size 11-16 oz, an automated heat

Cricut Mug Press is Cricut’s latest gadget. However, it is less versatile as compared to some of the heat press machines; it’s specified to do one thing very well. This amazing device works for a range of mug sizes-350-470ml. However, you can use it only on compatible mugs and infusible ink sheets.

Also, you can control the mug press remotely. The Mug Press comes with a USB cord and can be set up once and then monitored with Cricut software work with your Joy or Maker to design the mugs before applying heat to them. Our review of the Cricut Mug Press found this heat press easy to use and delivers consistent results every time.

Cricut Hat Press

It’s the best heat press machine for hats and caps


  • Best for making hats and caps
  • Dimensions: 15.5×9.3X6.6 inches
  • Feature: Bluetooth, 3 heat settings up to 400F and 205 C for iron-on/HTV, infusible ink

The Cricut Hat Press is the latest heat press machine, and its purpose is to allow you to transfer the design onto caps and hats. It has more design than you expected for a simple outcome. The Cricut Hat Press also comes with a bespoke hat pressing form, which is a stand that can fit your hat in and cat over while transferring your design. Cricut’s only aim is to make crafting an easy process. This is why it’s possible to connect Hat press with the Cricut Heat app and ensure that you send exact heat settings to the device and automate many processes. So, if you want to expand the hat and cap designs, the Cricut Heat Press is the best option in machines for this task.

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