How To Change Cricut Blade? [Learn Here]

Cricut Blade
December 20, 2022 by
Richie Remington

The Cricut machine is a powerful crafting tool that lets you cut shapes from sheets of paper, plastic, cardboard, and many other materials. When your Cricut blade gets old, it usually becomes dull, stops cutting, and needs to be replaced. So, to change the blade, you need to replace it properly and put it in the right position in the machine. When you know how to change Cricut blade, you can cut a variety of things in your machine and will get clean and crisp cuts. Here, check the procedure to change the Cricut blade. Have a look at it.

How To Find The Replacement Blades?

Select A Fine-Point Replacement Blade If You Want To Cut Paper

There are several types of tips of blades you can choose from while replacing your current blade. The blade that comes with a Cricut machine is usually a fine point blade that is good for cutting paper and thin materials like vinyl or iron-on sheets. If any material gets broken by your fingers, cutting with a fine-point blade must be very thin.

Take A Deep Point Blade If You Want To Cut Thick Materials

You can purchase a deep blade point which is good for thick materials like felt or card stock. It’s a good option to use for necessary projects, just like a regular fine-point blade. If you aren’t sure you need a deep-point blade, you should try a fine-point blade. If it’s unable to cut through your material or the cut is uneven, you should try a deep-point blade.

Try having many different blades, which you can change depending on the material you want to cut.

Take A Rotary Or Knife Blade In Case Of A Cricut Maker

The latest Cricut machines have different types of replacement blades. For instance, the rotary blades are specified to cut fabric. While the knife blades are made to cut extra thick materials like balsa wood, which a deep-point blade can cut.

One thing to note here is that the knife blades are only for the Cricut Maker machines. So, you don’t need to buy a new machine if you have one.

How To Change Cricut Blade?

Prepare The New Blade

Remove the packaging of the new blade and all the covers. The blades come with changing caps. These are prepared to cover the blades all time. Also, it keeps crafters safe and protects your fingers.

Insert The New Blade

In this step, insert your new blade into the respective housing. In case you are installing a Fine-point, premium Fine-point, or deep-point blade, grip it strongly by the cutting end and then carefully insert it into the bottom slot of the blade housing. The magnet in the casing will hold the blade in place.

Install Knife Point Blades

When installing a knife point blade, insert your new blade into the slot at the bottom of the housing. Also, the indent on the blade must be aligned with the groove inside the housing. Then, replace the housing screw and twist the changing cap until it clicks. Then, you can remove and dispose of the changing cap.

Install Rotary Blades

You must insert the new blades into the slot at the bottom of the housing when replacing rotary blades. Thereafter, replace and tighten the housing screw which holds the black arm in place. Also, remember that all blades should be paired with appropriate housings. You can reuse your housing unless they are damaged. Avoid using a housing that doesn’t match your Cricut machine type.

Reinstall The Housing

After installing a new blade. You can reinstall the housing. For instance, you should slide the housing into clamp B on the Maker and Explore models. Ensure that the housing is perfectly sitting on the top of clamp B. Then you have to apply a little pressure. Once clamp B is closed properly, it perfectly aligns with clamp A.

In the previous Cricut models, you need to place the blade housing beneath the black tool arm and tighten the screw.

Purchase Replacement Blades

Many crafters want to work with a variety of blades. Every blade works with a particular list of materials. You can purchase the replacement blades and housing directly from the Cricut local stores and Amazon.

What Should You Not Do With Cricut Blades?

As we have discussed that it’s very easy to replace Cricut blades. However, there are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid while you are replacing the blade of your machine.

Don’t Unnecessarily Replace Your Blades

If your previous blades can be improved, you prefer to sharpen them instead of replacing them with new ones. Plus, you can extend your blade’s life with some easy tricks.

Don’t Leave Blades In The Open

Keep your spares and unused blades covered. If you keep them open, you may prick your finger many times. Purchase a tool and blade caddy, or you can make a personalized blade and housing holder.

Don’t Jam The Blades

Always prefer to use the correct blade type and housing pairing. The Cricut machine is designed to be handled in precise pairings. Also, a wrong combination of blades can damage your machine, mat, or even your blade housing.


The blade is the main part of your Cricut machine. Hence, you should keep it sharp and in good condition always. We suggest you always sharpen your blades before replacing them. Replacements are often expensive. We hope the tips and tricks mentioned above helped you learn how to change Cricut blade.

SOURCE: How To Change Cricut Blade? [Learn Here]