Cricut Explore Air 2: An Ultimate Craft Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore Air 2
December 19, 2022 by
Richie Remington

Cricut Explore Air 2

If you’re a creative person who likes to build stuff by cutting various materials, then you must get your hands on the brand-new Cricut Explore Air 2.

The Cricut Air 2 is a cutting machine capable of cutting a range of materials. Not only that, it comes packed with a number of features, making it suitable for both DIY users and professionals. It can cut and write 2 times faster than the previous machine model. The Cricut Explore Air 2 can cut more than 100 different types of materials. It cuts everything from vinyl, cardstock, and iron-on to thicker materials like wood and leather.

Don’t know what a Cricut machine is? Don’t worry before going into the Cricut Explore Air 2. We shall briefly explain the Cricut machine itself.

What Is a Cricut Machine?

Cricut Machine is a machine that creates DIY crafts with ease. What kinds of crafts must you be wondering about? Crafts that involve cutting materials precisely.

Well, what kind of material does it cut? With the Cricut Machine, you can cut paper, felt, vinyl, fabric, leather, and even basil wood. There are so many other things it can cut that we can’t even list them all. 

It’s so versatile that you can even use the machine to print intricate designs on your projects.

On top of that, the Cricut Machine is compatible with multiple software programs so that you can experience customizability and efficiency like never before.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or someone who builds causally, the Cricut Machine will indeed have something for you.

What Is Cricut Explore Air 2?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a powerful craft-cutting machine that can bring your ideas to life, whether you’re working on a scrapbook, crafting a gift, or designing something unique. It will get the most out of your crafting experience by providing you with top-notch cutting experience and professional cutouts. 

The Cricut Air 2 comes with a range of features to make your cutting journey feel effortless. This includes cutting materials like vinyl, paper, felt, and much more. You can also use the machine to write and draw, giving you plenty of options for customizing projects.

Plus, a variety of design software (like the Cricut Design Space) is included to complement the workflow. So you can rest assured that your design journey will be more fun.


User-Friendly Design: The Cricut Machine is user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about searching for tutorials to do the simplest things. The machine’s intuitive design ensures you can use it on your own, even for the first time.

Diverse user case: The machine provides a diverse use case. You can cut, print, and score all with the same machine.

Variety of materials: With this machine, you can cut up to 100+ different types of materials. So you will not find yourself coming across an everyday material this machine can’t cut.

Bluetooth: You don’t have to take the machine around your home whenever you want to export something to cut. The machine is Bluetooth enabled, meaning you don’t need to worry about purchasing and managing the extra cables.

Tools: The machine can add to it several tools to cut, write, score, fold, and other two.


Design Space: The Design Space is not that intuitive to use, especially for those who are professional graphic designers and have worked on professional software like Adobe Creative cloud. It makes the features as simple as different grouping elements difficult and lengthy.

Noise: The Cricut Machines are loud when cutting. So, if you are sensitive to loud noises, you might have trouble tolerating these machines.


Some of the salient features of Explore Air 2 machine are as follows:

  • It cuts 100+ different types of materials without a hitch.
  • Easy to use: The machine is specifically designed, keeping simplicity in mind.
  • Wireless Connectivity: The Explore Air 2 comes equipped with Bluetooth, making exporting designs directly to the machine from the computer easy.
  • The machine features built-in storage for hosting tools to be used with the machine.
  • It comes with a scoring stylus, making folding lines for the envelope and cards easy and convenient. 
  • The designer application lets you design from anywhere on the go. Want to design on a mobile device while sitting in a restaurant? No problem.


This Explore series, the Cricut’s mid-range device, is not that expensive. And comes with a reasonable price of around $170. This is a bit expensive compared to the Joy series, a low-end price range machine. But when you compare it with the Cricut’s Maker series, it looks inexpensive.


Now that you know the ins and outs of the Cricut Explore Air 2, it is time for you to decide whether this machine is a perfect fit for your needs. It has good features, and the pros it comes up with are also decent. If you ask us, we would say this is a good machine overall.

Keeping all the features, advantages, and disadvantages in mind, we can confidently say that this machine won’t disappoint you for the price it comes up in.

We hope you liked this blog and learned something new, as usual. This will be the best time for you to check out our other blogs in case you are still curious. 


Can I Use The Cricut Design Space Without A Subscription?

Yes, you can use the Cricut Design Space even if you don’t have a subscription. However, the functionality will be limited.

What Material Or Tools Are Included In The Explore Air 2 Box?

Here are the materials and tools that are included in the Explore Air 2 box:

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 machine
  • Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing
  • Fine Point Pen
  • LightGrip Mat, 12″ x 12″ (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)
  • 50 ready-to-make projects
  • A USB cable & power adapter
  • Materials for a practice project

Which Machine To Choose, Cricut Explore Or Maker?

It depends on what you want to create and your budget. The Maker is a premium high-end series that is not targeted toward casual users.

It depends on what you want to create and your budget. The Maker is a premium high-end series that is not targeted toward casual users.

SOURCE: Cricut Explore Air 2: An Ultimate Craft Cutting Machine