The Best Affordable Mid-range Phones You Can Buy In 2022

Affordable Mid-range Phones
November 17, 2022 by
Richie Remington

In the past, it was like mid-range Android phones owing to underpowered processors, less storage, and high price tags. Luckily, things have improved over the years, and excellent hardware, polished software, and various updates have come into the picture.

But with optimizations, things have become better. Many impressive options from top brands like Google, Apple, Oppo, and others are available. So, if you want to buy a new phone without breaking the bank, read this helpful post. Here, we will talk about all the mid-range options from top brands.

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The Best Budget-Friendly Smartphones 2022

If you are still determining which model to go for, look at some of the models we have discussed below.

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 is an impressive smartphone with Google’s intelligent AI making this a speedy device. This smartphone offers an intuitive user experience and fantastic image processing. Users of this phone get the slickest and smoothest user experience by combining Google software with Google hardware. A 50MP primary camera on the Pixel 7 competes with some of the best offerings. Those looking for a budget-friendly phone can go for Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 7 Pros:

  • New processor with optimum speed.
  • Brilliant value and fantastic camera quality.
  • The phone is accessible and easy to use.
  • This phone has a slick interface and a good user experience.

Google Pixel 7 Cons

  • This phone has a display of only 90Hz.
  • No optimal zoom feature and fast charging are also unremarkable.

Apple iPhone SE (3rd Generation)

Apple iPhone SE offers users 5G connectivity, more storage, and a more powerful processor. It uses the same A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 while delivering excellent results. You can find this model by the Apple brand, the most affordable phone.


Apple iPhone SE Pros

  • The SE3 phone is nice and compact.
  • SE 3 offers a good value entry-point to the Apple line-up. Here are the Pros:

Apple iPhone SE Cons

  • Smaller display.
  • The small screen of this phone makes it less suited to video streaming, editing, or other similar tasks.

Motorola Moto G200

Smartphone users can find Motorola Moto G200 the most impressive mid-range phone. This smartphone comprises a versatile triple camera setup and powerful battery life. The 144HZ refresh rate in this smartphone keeps the display and apps running silky smooth. The back of this model is made of plastic with no expandable storage. However, these are the compromises you can make.

Motorola Moto G200 Pros:

  • The G200 model includes a powerful 5G processor.
  • 108 MP triple camera setup is embedded. 
  • Clean Android 11 software is included with no unwanted apps in it.

Motorola Moto G200 Cons

  • No expandable storage is present in this smartphone.
  • Absence of 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Honor 70

Considering this smartphone’s price, the Honor 70’s display is stunning. The 120HZ display of this phone is silky and smooth to use with high touch sampling rate. The solo cut mode of this phone gives creators freedom while shooting videos.

Honor 70 Pros

  • All-rounder model with an ultrawide camera.
  • Lightweight design, fast charging with a premium feel.
  • Fast charging.

Honor 70 Cons

  • Absence of Gorilla glass.
  • No ingress protection and stereo speakers were found.

Oppo Reno 8 Pro

People love this new offering from Oppo. Though this model isn’t the slimmest-looking phone, you can find it more satisfying and pleasant. This smartphone’s fantastic image processing and display make it preferred among smartphone users.

Oppo Reno 8 Pro Pros

  • Eye-catching designs, good camera quality, and powerful image processing.
  • 120Hz bright, clear, and responsive display.
  • 4K video shooting with fast charging facility.

Oppo Reno 8 Pro Cons

  • The device can heat up during intensive use.
  • Only one storage option of 256GB is available.

Factors to Look for While Choosing the Best Mid-range Phone

Follow these helpful tips while choosing the suitable mid-range model for your purpose.


When you plan to buy a smartphone, keep a compromise in mind. Only some premium features can come in one package; therefore, you must understand that only some features will come in one package. Just focus on what you need and whether the phone you’re going to buy is offering it or not.

Go Through Reviews

While you can find everything in the specifications, like screen size, storage options, battery life, and processors, expert reviewers will give an honest view of the device.

Ensure to Shop Around

Various tech giants are offering affordable phones. You can shop from many phone maker options – Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more.


The above post discusses the best and most affordable smartphones you can buy in 2022 without breaking the bank. Go through it and select the one that perfectly suits your needs. As per pricing, these smartphones offer a lot to customers. To have more clear thoughts refer to the frequently asked questions given below.

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