How Do You Unweld on Cricut Machine [Step-by-step Guide]

Unweld on Cricut Machine
November 15, 2022 by
Richie Remington

In this blog, we are going to teach how do you unweld on Cricut. Many people ask how to unweld anything using the Cricut Design Space. If we answer your query, in short, the answer will be “there is no function in the Cricut machine to weld anything.” Though you cannot take any random image welded together, and with a press of a button, separate the letters or the images. Features like unwelding currently do not exist in the Cricut Design Space.

When you weld anything in the Cricut Design Space, it permanently combines the image or text. Because of that reason only, it is crucial to decide when to actually use the weld function to save a lot of your time and energy trying to unweld. That is the only reason you should only use the welding function when you actually need them.

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Guide On How To Unweld In Cricut Design Space

So let us start talking about the unwelding process in Cricut. We have already mentioned above that no Unweld button exists in Cricut Design Space. But you can use a few techniques to unweld in the Cricut design space. If welding was the last function to choose, you could always click on the back arrow to reverse things. There doesn’t exist any undo button that exists to undo anything. So, the unweld option is definitely one of the ways to undo something. But if you’re using the welding process as your last step in the process, and the undo button is not responsive. What will you do in this scenario? So, in this scenario, there are two things you can do to unweld in Cricut Design Space.

First Method: How Do You Unweld On Cricut

Make sure to always make a duplicate replica of your image or your text before starting to turn it into something. As this is going to save you a lot of steps. Always ensure to duplicate the image or text before starting the project related to welding, attaching, grouping, or anything else.

Second Method: How Do You Unweld On Cricut

You can save your project before you start working further on the project. This will save the original project as a template on your home screen, which you can return to if you want to.

These methods are going to be your savior if you want to unweld something in The Cricut Design Space. We often hear this from Cricut users about how annoying it is not to have an unweld function, and we also understand that. But you should always think of it in a way, like adding toppings to your pizza. You can remove the toppings easily by sticking that pizza in the oven. But post-cooking, when everything has been melted together, it becomes nearly impossible to remove the toppings even if you no longer want them. Once you’re habitual of automatically using the above-explained hacks, it will be much easier for you to change something permanent in your projects. And you will become a pro in unwelding in no time        

How To Weld An Image In Cricut Machine

Below are the below steps to weld images in the Cricut machine:

  • Step 1: Make the image
  • Step 2: Arrange the image as needed
  • Step 3: Include Colors and other edits
  • Step 5: Select Everything And Weld 

How Do You Unweld On Cricut Design Space

Unfortunately, there does not exist any unweld button. It is not possible to unweld an image once it is welded together. That is the reason why fusing two images; you always have to make sure that the images are exactly in the position where you want them to be performing the welding.  So as a general rule of thumb, it is not possible for you to unweld an image at one time. But there is an exception to this rule of thumb, i.e., if the last step of your process was welding an image, then surely you can just simply click on the “Undo” button to undo/ unweld it.

So let us take an example, you want to weld words. After you’re done welding the words, there is absolutely no way you can unweld the words back since you’ll have to start from top to bottom. But if you didn’t change the font color in your project or you didn’t take any action, then this undo button will work for you. The shortcut key for undoing in windows is Ctrl +Z, and for undoing in mac, it is “Command + Z.”       

Final Words

Cricut is an amazingly efficient tool that can be paired with equally amazing software, “Design Space.” Understanding different functionalities and elements will help you make all kinds of crafting projects. Especially when you’re working with Cricut materials like paper, vinyl, wood, fabric, etc. We hope you keep on learning about the Cricut Design Space Software and that day is near you will be able to make charming projects. And we hope you got the answer to your problem by reading our blog on “how do you unweld on Cricut”

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