Instant & Crazy Cricut New Year Projects for DIYers

cricut new year projects
December 29, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Are you all ready to welcome 2024 with some of the crazy Cricut New Year projects? I know we haven't celebrated Christmas yet, but I am already looking forward to New Year's Eve. I am Archie Andrews, a High School craft teacher and a passionate DIYer. Ever since I bought my Cricut machine, it has not only helped me unleash my creativity but made a special bond with my students.

No doubt, it was a tough road for me to understand the craft machines, but I never left any chance and grabbed info from different sources. As time flew, I soon became an expert and made numerous kinds of projects for various occasions. Inside this blog, I have made a list of Cricut ideas for New Year that you can use for the 31st night.

Photo Booth Props

One of the most demanding Cricut New Year projects that you will personally love to make is the photo booth props. They are widely used by everyone while capturing the moment and making it for a lifetime. Photo booth props are available in various sizes, shapes as well and packs. Apart from that, they can be easily made out of cutting machines and tools.

New Year Bar Cart

Is it fair to welcome 2024 without a bottle of champagne or shots? No, right, then unbox your bar cart and fill it with all kinds of drinks for your guests. You can decorate the cart by hanging a small garland around its corner and decorate it by placing small disco balls or flowers across the cart. You can decorate the cart by using a craft machine and other necessary supplies.


Equally important, other Cricut ideas for New Year Eve that you can use this year are flower garlands. They will give a personal touch to your party area and make it look more pleasant. However, you can make the garland in different shapes, sizes, or patterns as per your choice. To make your work more simple, you can use your craft machine and other supplies.


Thank your guests for attending your party by giving them a return gift. It's evident that they are going to love it and will never forget you. Amongst so many Cricut New Year projects, designing t-shirts is everyone's favorite project that they can create with a craft machine. For making the t-shirt, all you will need is a craft machine & its supplies.


Furthermore, decorate your house by hanging a Happy New Year banner on your wall or near the chimney area. The banner will not only add vibes to the environment but also fill energy inside your guests. You can make this DIY project with your craft machine and other tools. Other than that, you can keep the banner safe and reuse it for next year.

Wine Glasses

Make your guests feel special by serving them the drinks in glass etched wine glasses. The glasses will increase your class among them and make you look more creative as compared to others. Apart from that, you can also give glasses as a token of love and appreciation to your guests. Moreover, you need to have specific items that will help you create one of these  Cricut New Year projects.

Party Hats

Are you planning to host a theme New Year party this year? If yes, then you shouldn't miss to add party hats. Make your guests wear the hats, and let them enjoy the party without any tension or fear. You can easily make the hats by using your craft machine and other tools.

New Year Card

On the contrary, one of the easy DIY crafts that can be made within a few minutes is greeting cards. You can make different types of cards out of your craft machine in sizes, shapes, and colors. Other than that, you can also write a small message for your loved one and share your feelings.

Tote Bags

Equally important, tote bags are used by everyone on a regular basis for shopping or going to the office. You can make tote bags and give them to your friends so that they can carry their items in one place without having any mess. To make this DIY craft, you need to use a craft machine, Design Space, and other supplies.


Summing up the list of Cricut New Year projects, if you have a friend who loves to collect shoes, then you can give them a pair of customized shoes. It's crystal clear that they are going to love the shoes and won't forget how much they matter to you in your life. To make such shoes, you need to use the Cricut machine and other supplies.

Did you find something interesting that you are planning to make this year? If yes, then I wish you all the luck and make the best craft that you can make out of this craft machine.

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