6 Cricut Ideas for New Year’s to Celebrate Your Festive Season

Cricut Ideas for New Years
December 28, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Finding something new, like Cricut ideas for New Years, is a challenging task. I always find myself in a dilemma and don’t understand what to make and what not to make. In early December, I started creating DIY projects for Christmas Eve. At the same time, I decided to seek ideas for the New Year’s celebration. Since I was working on Cricut and I had to buy a lot of materials for my project, I decided to put the project together. So, be it decorations or other useful stuff like coffee mugs and hair bands for my daughter, I made many such projects using Cricut.

On the other hand, you will find various inspiring Cricut New Years projects in this blog that will help you brighten up your festive season. Let’s explore ideas for finding intricately designed craft items with the Cricut.

1.  Hair Bands

Want to make something for a girl child? With Cricut, you can make personalized bands with golden glitter paper. My daughter wanted me to make this band for her, so I used my Cricut Maker to show its magic. And the result was SUPERB!

Whether you like this font or not, you always have options to try different fonts from the Design Space app, as it offers a variety of fonts for free. In addition, you can use a simple plastic band on which you have to stick your design using the glue gun.

2.  Vinyl Shirt

This beautiful white shirt will add charm to your New Year celebration, and you are going to look really good in this attire. This white shirt with black Mickey Mouse graphics makes it a children-friendly shirt.

Also, I made this for my son, Harry, who loves such simple graphics designs on shirts. I used a Cricut Maker to cut the vinyl design and an SVG file on my Design Space. If you will try then you can find many SVG files easily on the internet. So try them out and enjoy the New Year with your friends and family with these amazing Cricut ideas for New Years.

3.  Mug

Want to gift someone this New Year? Here, I have brought one of the best Cricut ideas for the New Year. It will make your day special as well for others. The Cricut Mug Press can help you craft a beautiful mug. All you need to do is create your design on Design Space and send the design to the Cricut machine to cut the design. This will make your design look professional and fantastic.

4.  Sparkly Glass

This sparkly glass, which I made last year for my cousin, was super easy to make with Cricut Joy. In supplies, I used black cardstock, metallic and holographic adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, and glass. Besides, I used a Cricut tool set, such as the weeding hook and scraper tool. And for design, I used an SVG file that I purchased at an affordable price. Children especially find such Cricut ideas for New Years suitable for themselves as they love wearing these weird stuff.

5.  Paper Card

During the New Year, I often send cards to my friends and family. However, coming up with new ideas for cards every year seems like a tedious task for me. But, this year, I wanted to make a simple-looking card. Of course, I used a cardstock and a Cricut Joy pen and finally wrote this text using the Cricut Joy machine. It hardly took more than 10 minutes. So why don’t you try this card? It is simple and easy to make. Share your lovely message with this card and bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

6.  Wall Decal

Wall decal is one of the best Cricut ideas for New Years as it gives the real vibes of the New Year. In addition, the simple vinyl based decal is temporary and can be removed after some period of time. For this, you can use a removable Cricut vinyl that is not permanent that you use for your shirt. Moreover, this wall decal is different and works really great. So, give it a try and see what it looks like. But, I would say there is not much hard work needed as you have to use stylish fonts that look perfect on your wall.

Wrapping Up

The idea of making New Year projects with a Cricut machine is simple. On the other hand, the machine is capable of cutting different materials, which makes your task easy and cuts anything with precision. In this blog, I have explained 6 projects, including a wall decal, custom card, sparkly glass, etc. Also, I made all these projects myself in the initial days of December. So, set up your Cricut machine and start making crafts to spread the love around you.


What last-minute Cricut New Years projects can I try?

The projects you can make at the last moment will be smaller and simple. For this, you can try the following ideas:

  1. Paper luminaries
  2. Star decorations
  3. Personalized Hoodies/Shirts
  4. Celebratory cups and bottle wrappers
  5. Gift tags
  6. Cupcakes toppers
  7. Custom decor
  8. Wall decals
  9. Greeting cards

How do I find Cricut ideas for New Years?

You can try many Cricut ideas and templates that are already available on Cricut Design Space. You can access these designs for free of cost and you will not need to spend much time wandering here and there on the internet. The Cricut comes with its own resources, be it stylish fonts and graphics designs, all of which are available for free. However, there are subscription plans also available, so if you are looking for premium images and font styles, then look no further than the subscription of Cricut Access.

What do I need to make New Year Cricut projects?

Well, the list of New Year projects is huge, and all different projects will require you to have different supplies. Hence, I am taking an example of a project and will share the supplies needed for the same.

  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Infusible Ink
  • StandardGrip Mat
  • Lint roller
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Cricut Mug Press
  • EasyPress Mat

For more information visit: Cricut.com setup mac
Install Cricut Explore Air 2
install cricut design space app

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