How to Use Cricut Venture: Your Guide to Getting Started

how to use cricut venture
December 26, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Did you recently hear big news from Cricut? If yes, then you must be aware of what I am talking about. The company launched Cricut Venture for its customers, which offers more services than other models. Hello there, I am Reggie Mantle, and I am glad to welcome you again. Today, I am going to show you how to use Cricut Venture and step into the world of crafting.

Ever since this craft machine came out in the market, I had no chance and bought it immediately. Along with this model, I also received various supplies that will help me mold the project to my liking. Are you a new Cricut Venture owner but have no idea how to access it? Well! You have to save this guide and collect all kinds of info revolving around it.

How to Setup Cricut Venture on a Computer?

Before learning how to use Cricut Venture for the first time, it’s necessary for you to set up this craft machine with your PC. To help you out with the process, I have shared the steps that need to be taken while performing it:

  1. Begin the process by turning on the machine and plugging it in with a suitable wall socket.
  2. Next, connect both devices using a USB cable or pair it via Bluetooth.
  3. After doing that, open your web browser and go to the Cricut setup page.
  4. Now, tap the Smart cutting machine option and choose Cricut Venture from the list.
  5. Following this, you need to download and install Design Space from the official website.
  6. Also, follow the steps appearing on the screen and sign in or create your Cricut ID.
  7. After filling in the basic details, you need to set up a new machine and hold on till the setup is going on.
  8. Finally, when the setup is complete, you need to do a test cut and check whether the setup has been done correctly or not.

Following the finalization of the setup process, it is crystal clear that you need to have compatible supplies during the how to use Cricut Venture. Go through the below section of the blog and come across the supplies.

What Supplies Come Inside the Cricut Venture Box?

To give perfect formation while making do-it-yourself out of this crafting machine, all the DIYers need to ensure that they’ve all the supplies with them. Each supply plays a vital role in making the personalized project from the Venture cutting machine. In case you aren’t aware of the supply name, then take a look at the bullet pointers below:

  • Cricut Venture machine
  • Performance Fine-Point Blade
  • Cutting mat
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Cutoff tool
  • Roll supports USB Cable A & C
  • Mat support extension
  • Cricut Access 1-month free trial (for new subscribers)
  • 50 ready-to-make projects
  • Smart Vinyl: Removable 13 in x 30 in (33 cm x 76.2 cm) in Black
  • Smart Vinyl: Removable 25 in x 6 ft (63.5 cm x 1.8 m) in White

All the crafters are highly advised to consider these products before using them for crafting purposes.

How to Use Cricut Venture to Make Custom Posters?

By referring to the earlier-said details, it is high time to introduce you to the technique required for making customized projects. In order to do so, refer to the information given in the paragraph below:

Step 1: Log in to Design Space and Draw a Design

Start your first customized project on this Cricut product by logging in to Design Space using your Cricut ID & password. After doing that, press the New Project option and choose any shape from the Shape panel. Next, unlock the size lock ratio and then set my shape using the arrow.

Following this, you need to press the Text toolbar and enter the text inside the blank. After entering the text, change your font style and create an offset of my design. To apply the offset, I am going to open the Offset tool section, make the changes, and tick the Apply button.

Furthermore, select the Ungroup option and change your text color depending on your preference. Now, add more shapes by pressing the Upload option and upload your chosen design from the Recently Uploads section. Afterward, I am going to ungroup and delete the additional part of the design. Now, resize the design and press the Duplicate optionto make extra copies of your design. You can also duplicate the design by pressing the command D on your system.

Following this, you need to increase your cake design > select the whole design, and press the Weld button. After doing that, you duplicate the cake design and change the color of the design from the Color Dropbox.

Next, press the Make It option, and you will get connected to the new web page of the Design Space. Following this, choose the On Mat, select mat size, and then tick the Confirm option. Afterward, tick the Continue option mentioned at the bottom right side of your screen.

Step 2: Load Your Material & Start the Cutting Process

In this how to use Cricut Venture step, change the pressure to Default and cross-check that all the tools and other accessories are loaded correctly. Now, install the support into your machine inside the back of the machine. After doing that, load your material > lower the lever, and press the Go button. Your machine will begin to cut the material and, after a few minutes, weed out the design from the mat.

Step 3: Stick Your Design on the Offset

After weeding out the design, take an adhesive gun, place it on the back of your design, and stick it on your offset. Press the design on the offset using the brayer tool, scraper, or with your hand, depending upon your choice. In addition, you are instructed to be careful while sticking to the design and avoid any kind of bubbles.

Step 4: Place Your Final Design on the Yard

In the last step of creating a customized project with this craft plotter, stick the letters on the yardstick using strong adhesive tape. After attaching all the designs, move out your sticks and start placing them in your yard, depending on your yard size. While placing the sticks, ensure that all the designs are aligned properly. Lastly, you can also decorate the design by hanging lights around your craft.


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced crafter, Cricut Venture is an advanced technology cutting tool that allows you to cut a variety of materials with precision at commercial speed. Wasn’t it amazing to see how to use Cricut Venture and make an amazing personalized project out of it? With this crafting machine by your side, you are capable enough to discover your hidden talent for crafting and share it with your friends, family and even in the community.

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