How to Make Christmas Cards With Cricut Maker? [Beginner's Guide]

how to make christmas cards with cricut
December 23, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Well, Thanksgiving is over, but Christmas is in full effect! If you are also excited about Christmas, then you can learn how to make Christmas cards with Cricut with me. Creating handmade cards for various occasions is an old tradition that everyone loves to follow. But this year, I decided to come out of my shell and try to make cards out of my craft machine. Greetings! To all my enthusiastic DIYers, I am Stephan, an investor and part-time crafter.

Being an owner of a Cricut machine, I've made tons of projects that not only upgraded my crafting skills but also helped me in starting my own business. As a business person, I made and sold various kinds of Xmas cards in all these years. But this year, I am going to design not only for business but also for my loved ones.

What Supplies Are Needed to Make Cricut Christmas Cards?

Being an expert in creating customized cards, I must make you aware of every detail that comes under how to make Christmas cards with Cricut. All DIYers must come across the supplies that will play a vital role in transforming their idea into reality. To ease your work, I have made a list of the supplies that will be required while forming the card for this festival.

  • Cricut machine
  • StandardGrip cutting mat
  • Cricut Scoring Wheel/Scoring Stylus
  • Cardstock
  • Cricut Pen
  • Scraper Tool
  • Tape

After discovering the final list of materials, let's come directly to the point and come across the most critical part. While going through the coming section of the blog, you will get to learn about the complete guide to designing a personalized Christmas card this year.

How to Make Christmas Cards With Cricut?

Equally important, this segment is going to play an essential role for each of you. As a blogger, I guide you to go through the content mentioned here very carefully. For a better understanding of how to make Christmas cards with Cricut, have a look at the below-shared details.

Step 1: Cricut Design Space Sign-In & Draw Design

  1. Initiate the process of creating a customized card by signing into the Cricut app.
  2. After the app is open, press the Upload icon given under the Menu panel.
  3. Following this, click Browse and upload your image from your system folder.
  4. Now, press the Insert Image button and tick the Ungroup icon given under the Layers panel.
  5. Next, I will select the design and then choose the Draw option appearing under the Linetype layer.
  6. Further, I can also change the color of the design by choosing the color from the color tab.
  7. Afterward, I am going to select the fold line and change it to the Score line from the Linetype box.
  8. Now, I will choose the whole card and then press the Attach option visible at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Next, I will head upto the Make It option to take a step towards the next step.

Step 2: Insert Cricut Mat & Cut Material

  1. On the new project page, I am going to hit the Continue button and then load my material into the machine.
  2. After doing this, I will place my cardstock into a StandardGrip cutting mat using a scraper tool.
  3. Next, I am going to insert the mat into the machine and then add the scoring wheel and fine point pen into both Clamps.
  4. After the cutting and drawing process comes to an end, I am going to unload the mat and shape my card.

Step 3: Design Your Merry Christmas Card

  1. In this last step of how to make Christmas cards with Cricut, I will gently fold the card from the score line area.
  2. Now, I will use my scraper tool and press the fold area for the crisp fold line area.
  3. Next, I can also add the message inside the card or slip the card inside the envelope.

Are you on board for designing handmade Christmas cards this year? If you've made up your mind, then I wish you luck and pay special attention while forming it with this crafting machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Business by Selling My Custom-Made Christmas Cards?

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional crafter; you can surely start your business by selling customized Christmas cards. However, to make your identity in the business, you need to know about your customer's needs and how to access the craft machine. Besides, you should also buy the tools that will help you in forming the craft as per your choice.

Is It Necessary to Use Design Space While Making Cards?

Yes, all DIYers need to get Design Space on their respective devices. It is a digital app that works together with the cutting machine and helps the crafters draw designs by using images, fonts, and ready-to-use projects. Without the app, the user won't be able to turn their DIY idea into reality. Apart from that, Design Space keeps adding new features, allowing you to improve your crafting skills.

How Can I Make My Christmas Cards With My Cricut Machine?

Get to know about how you can make Xmas cards with your craft machine:

  1. First, you need to open the Cricut app and log in with your Cricut ID & password.
  2. Second, start creating your design by using the tools given under the Menu bar.
  3. After making the design, make the relevant changes and press the Make It option.
  4. Next, insert your material and start your craft machine by pressing the Go button.
  5. After the process is complete, unload your card and properly fold it.
  6. Finally, gift it to your friends or family members as a Christmas gift.

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