Cricut Explore Air 2: A Smart Machine for Making DIY Projects

Cricut Explore Air 2
August 4, 2023 by
Richie Remington

A Cricut machine is an electronic smart cutting machine that is designed to cut all sorts of different materials. The machine works similarly to a standard printer. The only difference is that Cricut doesn't print anything on paper but uses its blades to cut a design out of the paper. There are several Cricut machines with unique features and specifications. However, this blog will discuss Cricut's best-selling machine, i.e., Cricut Explore Air 2. We will talk about its features and specifications in more detail.

Features of Cricut Explore Air 2

We will begin with the specs, looks, and other features that made this machine. Let us begin.


The Air 2 machine exposes the blades, and you can see how it moves, making it an attractive feature. It is where the user can see how the machine cuts the materials. It is a full-sized cutting machine that is perfect for any crafter. Also, the Cricut Explore Air 2 size is 5.91x22.17x7.01 inches and weighs close to 11 lbs.

Further, the machine can cut more than 100 materials, including paper, vinyl, cardstock, selected leather types, and fabric backed by a stabilizer. Moreover, it works with mats of 12 by 12 inches or 12 by 24 inches of mat size. So, the Explore Air 2 can easily be used to create full-size cuts on iron-on or large vinyl decals.

Double Speed

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is created to be faster and brings Fast mode. This machine becomes the perfect device to accomplish tasks for a crafter looking to work on complicated projects. Further, the double-speed mode is addictive; once you start using it, it will be difficult to cut to normal speed again.

Cutting Force

The cutting force of this machine is 350g, which makes it a stronger machine in its price range. Further, the machine with more cutting power means it can easily cut material. Along with its maximum cutting size of 11.5 by 23.5 inches. The Explore Air 2 can cut tougher and thicker materials like never before. Also, that is why it can cut upto 100 different materials.

Dual Carriage

The dual carriage is one of the attractive features of the Explore Air 2 machine. The two-carriage system means the machine can hold and use two tools simultaneously. So, if your projects contain drawing and cutting, this machine will do the dual task simultaneously.

Blades and Cutting Depth

The Air 2 can cut upto 2 mm thick material, which is the standard thickness. Further, the blade is made out of German carbide steel, which has high ultra resistance.


The Explore Air 2 machine comes with the ability to connect with computers and mobile phones. It can do that by using Bluetooth and USB cable. So, wireless connectivity helps to avoid extra wires, and your room will look more organized.

Pros and Cons of Cricut Explore Air 2

After briefly examining the machine's features, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Air 2.


  • The Air 2 machine can cut, write, foil, and even score on the materials.
  • Further, the machine can cut more than 100 different materials. So, it allows you to work with any machine.
  • Another attractive feature of the machine is its ability to connect wirelessly using Bluetooth.
  • Also, with the fast mode, you can complete projects quickly.
  • If you want to cut a print design, the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine can do that.
  • Moreover, you will get free Design Space software to work with the machine.


  • The Explore Air 2 machine is not compatible with the blades of the Adaptive Tool system.
  • Also, it requires a cutting mat since it cannot cut Smart materials, which can be cut without any mat.
  • Further, the maximum cutting length that a machine can cut is 23 inches.
  • If you are looking for a portable cutting machine, Explore Air 2 is not the one.


The Cricut Explore series machines are one of the best for beginners and experienced crafters. Especially the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine is a great machine that can cut at twice the speed as its older machines. If you are looking for a cutting machine that can cut precisely and accurately, then the Air 2 machine is the best. Also, the wireless connectivity makes it easier to work without getting trapped between the wires.


What is included in the Explore Air 2 box?

The Explore Air 2 box contains many things to help you start crafting. You will get an Explore Air 2 machine and Premium Fine-Point Blade with its Housing. Also, you will get a Fine-Point Black Pen and a LightGrip Mat of 12 by 12 inches. You will get a Power Adapter and a USB cable for powering the machine to connect to the laptop. You will also see a Welcome Book, a Free Trial of Cricut Access, and 50 ready-to-make projects.

What materials can I cut with the Explore Air 2 machine?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 machine can quickly cut more than 100 different materials. So, you will be able to cut materials such as vinyl iron, bonded fabric, heat transfer vinyl, vinyl decals, normal paper, glitter paper, cardstock, or poster boards. If you want to cut tougher and thicker materials, the machine can cut leather, balsa wood, etc.

How to connect the Explore Air 2 to my computer?

You can connect the Air 2 machine to the computer in two ways. The first is with a USB cable, and the second is with Bluetooth. With USB, connect the respective ends of the cable to the machine and computer and let the computer detect the machine. Bluetooth is simple, like adding any other Bluetooth device to the computer.


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