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August 3, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Have you ever been concerned about whether Cricut Blades for Maker will cooperate with the cutting machine? Or are you still on the run to determine which blade will support the material? Nowadays, Cricut is one of the leading brands in creating crafts and projects, encouraging the DIYers to improve their hobbies & skills.

With this electric cutting machine, the user can confidently cut down most of the stuff. Other than that, it also gives finishing touches that make the project look much better than expected. Inside this blog, you'll go into depth and collect details about different blades for the Maker model.

1.  Premium Fine-Point Replacement Blades (10 ct)

Inside the catalog of Cricut Blades for Maker, it holds out against wear and breakage for longer life. Earlier, this point blade was called the German Carbide Premium Blade. Moreover, it allows the tool to live longer, possibly creating many more projects even after hours of cutting. The validity of one of these blades for the Maker model fully depends upon the material used.

2.  Deep Point-Replacement Blades (2 ct)

Furthermore, with its steeper blade angle (60 degrees vs. 45 degrees), it looks less complicated to slice through the thicker materials. It is specially constructed to create wall calendars, rubber stamps, magnets, and many more. Apart from that, this tool can cut upto 1.5 mm thick material and requires its Housing which is sold separately.

3.  Perforation Blade, Basic

Also, involve the Perforation blade name inside the list of blades for Cricut Maker. By assigning the duty to this tool, you'll immediately get smooth tears with precise cuts on different crafts. Each spaced line permits cleaning, even tearing, without folding beforehand. You can expand the Cricut product tool by including various QuickSwap tips. Additionally, it is perfect for tear-out booklet pages, raffle tickets, homemade journals, and many more.

4.  Wavy Blade

In addition, get a decorative edge in half the time by dragging the blade with gently curving cuts for a wide range of projects. Additionally, with Cricut blades for Maker, you can add a whimsical wavy edge to any design. After that, just command your machine to "Go," and it'll start completing the rest of the task. On the contrary, only the tip is included and buy the Housing individually.

5.  Knife Blade + Drive Housing

With this smart cutting machine's assistance, DIYers can build up their creative horizon on thicker materials. Besides that, its blade can cut deeper and more precisely with its sharp edges. In addition, it is one of the perfect choices for creating extra dimension projects and requires Bluetooth facility. Lastly, the projects aren't compatible with iOS/Android devices.

6.  Bonded-Fabric Replacement Blade

On the other hand, you can pair up this replacement blade with the Bonded-Fabric blade housing. This accessory is specially created to cut down fabrics to keep them sharp and on point. Moreover, these Cricut blades for Maker are made out of Premium German Carbide steel. Intending to get the expected, you need to change the blade & Housing regularly before it starts getting worn out.

7.  Rotary Blade + Drive Housing

In brief, you can quickly and easily cut beautiful and demanding designs for different sewing projects. This blade can handle anything covering from silk, cotton, or denim to canvas and burlap. The blade can also cut the softest material, such as cotton & tissue paper. Apart from that, one can choose any one of the sewing projects from the library and use it to make and cut the pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cricut Blades expensive?

Yes, Cricut blades for Maker are quite expensive compared to other models' blades. The price of the Knife blade + Drive Housing is $45.99. Following this, an Engraving Tip QuickSwap Housing is $44.99. Apart from that, the Fine-Point Blade + Housing has a price of $34.99. A set of 10 Fine Point Replacement blades without including Housing comes with a retail value of $149.99.

Which Cricut Blade Is Used to Cut Wood?

There are various types of Cricut blades proposed to the users; however, DIYers prefer extra-deep Maker Knife blades to slice down dense material upto 3/32" thick with safety. It also moderately cuts down the accuracy piece on the chosen material. At last, it is preferred to be used with balsa wood, chipboard, mat board, and other thicker materials.

How Can I Sharpen Cricut Cutting Blade?

To sharpen the cutting machine blade, an individual must prepare a heavy and thick ball out of aluminum foil. After making the ball, remove the blade from the machine and start rubbing the item covering the area at least 40-50 times. Once the sharpening process is complete, you'll see that the blade is automatically sharpened with clear visibility across the blade.

Source: https://craftcricut.wordpress.com/2023/08/03/cricut-blades-for-maker/

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