Best Halloween Cricut Designs You Should Try in 2023

Halloween Cricut Designs
October 17, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Halloween is not too far away now. We know how Cricut is best for us for making thousands of creative crafts. Hence, there are unlimited possibilities to make pretty Cricut Halloween designs for 2023. We will try our best to provide you with a list of the best Halloween Cricut designs that will make your Halloween amazing. So, try to be with us till the end of this blog and learn all the spooky designs we have collected for you.

Before we move to the designs, you should collect all the necessary Cricut items that will be used throughout the procedure. Those include a powerful Cricut machine, HTV, Cricut heat press, and Cricut mat. Besides, you will have an idea from our blog post for all the items you may require. Let’s dig in.

1.  Dollar Tree Halloween Book

This book is excellent for creating a Halloween vibe at your place. So, if you can find one, that would be great. So, take a book and fold it from the middle to break the spine of the book. Then, take a Mod Podge and spread it on the sides of the book, like at the corners, to set it up. Then, continue it at the middle pages of the book.

Ensure the pages are stuck together. You need to recreate the book pages with scary pictures on them, like a skeleton and bats or ghosts on cardstock, and then stick them to the middle pages of your Dollar Tree book. Now, you can use it to decorate your Halloween place and freak out everyone.

2.  Hocus Pocus Spell Book Bookmark

What will be more exciting than Hocus Pocus Halloween Cricut designs? If you are a Hocus pocus lover, this idea must have intrigued you. You will need the Cricut Halloween rose bunches and an eyeball to use over it. Use matte colors and hard glue to decorate your bookmark. This idea works best to use for your bookshelf. You can also use some spider signs and some interesting signs to prepare it. In the end, you will get a perfect-looking Halloween bookmark.

3.  Hocus Pocus Spell Pillow

After the Hocus Pocus spell bookmark, we have another design, which is a Hocus Pocus spell pillow. You can use the same design as the spell bookmart. You need to grab the Cricut leather rolls to make this project. Fold the roll and stick it with hard glue. Open it from one end to fill the cotton. Then, close it from all sides to give it a proper pillow look and make it a little fluffy. Then, Add the eyeball and paint some stitches or signs on it. Now, use the color art and paint all your pillows to finish the process. Hopefully, you’ll find this Halloween idea great.

4.  Gothic Mona Lisa Frame

It’s one of the excellent Halloween Cricut designs to make with your Cricut machine. To make this one, you need a dollar tree Canvas and a Mona Lisa painting, which you can get easily from Pinterest. Then, just put the painting onto the canvas and decorate your canvas with a cardstock design. And then, you’ll get a Mona Lisa vampire frame. This idea will definitely look pretty much attractive and appealing at your place. You can cut the design using your Cricut machine.

5.  Large Skeleton Sign

You can print a skeleton half on one card and half on another in black and white. Then, you need two frames to add the prints. Now, put one frame over another and stick them with hard glue. After that, you need to add a wooden piece from Dollar Tree at the back to make it stand straight.

6.  Bookends With Skull

As we all have a free shelf or slab for decoration, a bookend project with two skulls at the ends would be a great option to prepare something for Halloween. Therefore, get ready with the Dollar Tree wooden bookends. Paint them with the color of your choice and tag a book name on the bookend made with the transfer vinyl. Now, color the free skulls from Dollar Tree and place the bookends and skull over a big wooden plate to place it somewhere properly. We recommend painting the skull black to get those Halloween vibes.

7.  Halloween Candle Holder

Candles have never been out of trend on Halloween, right? Do you know you can make a candle look even more appealing with our Halloween Cricut design? You can create various spooky decals and stickers for your candles with the heat transfer vinyl. This idea would work best for your Halloween Eve. You can create spider designs, stitches, witch houses, and even a black cat in your designs. And then, brighten up your space, never like before.


We all have seen some of the best Halloween Cricut designs to try in 2023. Now, you all might get an idea to design some of the best crafts using your Cricut and Dollar Tree items. We have shared some unique designs to try out. You can also use products from some source and start making projects for Halloween Eve.

The Halloween Cricut design should be spooky and mysterious. If you manage that, your projects are going to be really better than it seems. So, get ready with all your items and start making a fun Cricut Halloween design.

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