7 Easy Beginner Cricut Projects to Get Started in 2024

easy beginner Cricut projects
May 23, 2024 by
Richie Remington

Are you finding some ideas for easy beginner Cricut projects? If so, you are in the right place! In this blog, I am basically going to discuss the 7 free Cricut projects for beginners. If you are excited to explore, you must read this write-up once.

I came up with a few Cricut project ideas because of my sister. She insisted I use my Cricut machine setup to create wall decals to decorate her room. She was very excited about her new personal room decor, so all she wanted was a wall decal. During the making process, I recommended a simple design, as it suits most walls. Also, I didn’t want to work on any complex project😅, so I made one I mentioned in this blog.

In addition, I have also created some other projects like coasters, T-shirts and more. To explore, look into this post.

1.  Wooden Coaster

Love personalized coasters for gifting someone? This could be a great idea if you want easy beginner Cricut projects. I tried this to show you all because it is very easy to create, and any novice in crafting can make this coaster without any hassle. All you need is wooden slices and some vinyl in your desired color. Just add the first letter of anyone’s name and choose some stylish font. Next, send the design to Cricut, and it will do its work!

2.  Customized T-Shirt

When it comes to customized T-shirts, I am always ahead in making one. I have gifted many family members, including friends, a personalized shirt. So, you can also do the same. You must be prepared with some supplies you will need to create this shirt. The supplies include a blank shirt, an iron-on vinyl sheet, and a Cricut machine with accessories. After that, create the design you want to add to your shirt and let your Cricut handle the rest of the task!

3.  Earrings

Would you believe me if I told you I made this earring using veneer wood? Yes, it’s true, and I cut these veneers using my Cricut machine. That’s what your Cricut can do😉! And you won’t even realize it—you will have something so beautiful. This wooden earring was a gift for my sister on her 22nd birthday. In order to make these easy beginner Cricut projects, you will need a piece of veneer wood with a recommended thickness and a Cricut cutting machine.

4.  Mug

Is someone’s birthday approaching? If it’s a child’s birthday, you can try the design I have done in mine. It is easy to create on Cricut Design Space app. However, you can find numerous ready-made mug designs on the Cricut app for free; you can still create them as they require simple shapes and text. But when working on mugs, having a Cricut Mug Press is a must. Make sure you have one at least.

5.  Keychain

I have many keychains, all personalized for every family member. There is a different keychain for a car’s key, a room’s key, and so on. And any of them belonging to a particular person has a first letter printed. Some of them are engraved keychains, which can be done on a Cricut machine. Yes, that is true—Cricut can engrave acrylic, wood, etc. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started with such easy beginner Cricut projects.

6.  Wish Card

A wish card can be the best way to wish someone good wishes on their anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions. This project is so easy to create on your Cricut Joy without hassle. So, bring your Cricut Joy and start enthusiastically creating crafts. Use things like the Cricut card mat and its basic toolset to support your project’s crafting.

7.  Wall Decals

Want to decorate your home? Here’s one of the best wall decals I made using my Cricut Maker 3 Setup. This one is my favorite. It doesn’t have many intricate designs, which makes it look complex, so I thought I’d try this simple design. The benefit of such a simple design is that you don’t waste hours creating these easy beginner Cricut projects.


What are free Cricut projects for beginners?

For beginners, you will need something easy to create and less time-consuming for crafts. However, if you are looking for such projects which are also free, you should look into the following list:

  1. Stickers
  2. Coasters
  3. Jewelry
  4. Apparel
  5. Wall decals
  6. Mugs/tumblers
  7. Canister/jar labels
  8. Banners
  9. Cards
  10. Tea towel

What cardstock projects can I make with Cricut?

Using material like cardstock paper, you can easily create several projects. However, I have mentioned some of the easiest projects you can try making on your Cricut. Find the project list given below:

  1. Gift card holder
  2. Canvas wall art
  3. Paper heart envelope
  4. Heart box
  5. Cake toppers
  6. Paper star lanterns
  7. Shadow boxes
  8. Drawer dividers
  9. Gold paper flower
  10. Treat boxes

How to make paper flowers using Cricut?

Follow the steps below to make flowers using your Cricut:

  1. You need to cut the flower template on Cricut
  2. Then, cut the petals from cardstock by using a machine.
  3. Now, overlap the slit at the bottom of each petal and glue.
  4. After that, use clothespins or wonder clips while the glue sets.
  5. Glue the first layer of petals to the flower base, starting with the largest bottom layer.
  6. Next, continue gluing each layer of petals towards the center.
  7. Finally, add the center of the flower and leaves if desired.

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