How to Download Cricut App on HP Laptop: Full Tutorial

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May 21, 2024 by
Richie Remington

Do you want to learn how to download Cricut app on HP laptop? If so, let’s get into this blog together to learn it in a stepwise manner. The first time when I got my Cricut Explore machine, I was intimidated as I didn’t know how to set it up or what sorts of software we needed to download on our system. Then, I was also using an HP laptop, so I am very well familiar with the concept of downloading the Cricut Design Space app.

But do you know you can’t just download and install the Cricut software on any computer? Before this, you should check system requirements; otherwise, you will face difficulties running the app on your device. But don’t worry; I have already covered it up in this write-up. First, go through the system requirements and then move to the next steps to download the software. Let’s get started now.

Minimum System Requirements for Cricut Design Space

Before you learn how to download Cricut app on HP laptop, you must understand the system needs for your laptop or PC. Here, I am talking about the HP laptop on which we will download the Cricut software app. However, it is a must to check whether our laptop can run the software properly or not. Let’s see what you will need on your laptop:

  • Operating System - Windows 10 or later (64-bit)
  • CPU - Intel Dual Core or equivalent to AMD processor
  • Display - Minimum 1024px x 768px screen resolution
  • RAM - Minimum 4 GB
  • Disk - 2 GB free
  • Connection requirements: A USB port or Bluetooth

How to Download Cricut App on HP Laptop?

Every Cricut user needs to download and install the Cricut Design app on their PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. However, here I am going to discuss the steps to download Cricut Design Space on an HP laptop. Follow the steps below in order to download the app on Windows:

Step 1: Power on Both Devices

In the first step, you have to turn on your Cricut machine by plugging its power cord into any wall outlet.

Once it is connected, you can move to your HP laptop. Press the HP laptop’s power button and unlock it (If you’ve set any passwords). When you have powered on your Cricut machine or laptop, you are ready to learn how to download Cricut app on HP laptop. Let’s now move to the next step.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Laptop

Now that our devices have been turned on, it is time to move to our laptops. On your laptop, you have to click on the Windows icon given at the lower left side of the taskbar.

Step 3: Use an Internet Browser

After that, type “Chrome” in your browser’s search bar. (In this example, I am using Google Chrome). Then, you will need to head to the browser search bar and enter the website URL – Finally, you should hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Next, you will move to Cricut’s official site. There, click on a checkbox to tick it. As you will tick the checkbox, your Download button will be activated.

Step 4: Download Cricut Design Space

Here, I will show you how to download Cricut app on HP laptop. In the above steps, you clicked on a checkbox that enabled the Download button. Then, click on the Download button to start downloading the Cricut Design app.

Afterward, you need to pick the file location where you want to save it. Otherwise, it will save your file into the Downloads folder by default.

Step 5: Install Cricut Design Space

Once you have completed downloading the Cricut software, move to the Downloads folder. There, you will find the downloaded file; double-click on it to install it.

Now, it will ask you whether you trust the application. Here, you need to simply select Yes to accept and install the app successfully on your HP laptop.

Once installation is done, you are ready to create your Cricut account. If you already have one, you can just cricut sign in with your Cricut ID and password.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have explained the 5 simple steps to download the Cricut software on an HP laptop. Before explaining the steps for downloading, I also talked about the basic system requirements for HP laptop users to download the Cricut Design app. I have also attached the relevant screenshots of my desktop so you can understand it better and download the app without hassle. Download the Cricut app and enjoy your crafting endeavors!


Which browser is compatible with Cricut app?

The Cricut Design app is only compatible with browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox on your Windows or Mac computer. Make sure you are using the latest version of these browsers. Besides, you must know that some people say that different browsers can lead to different issues, including crashes, plugin loading issues, and performance and stability issues.

Why can’t I download my Cricut Design Space?

It sounds like your browser is facing network-related issues due to the high memory usage. Due to this, the Cricut website ( setup mac) may not act normally. However, you can resolve this problem by cleaning your browser’s cache. Doing this will result in the smooth loading of the Cricut website. Don’t forget to restart your laptop after clearing the browser’s cache.

Why didn’t my installed Cricut Design Space load?

It’s like you downloaded the Cricut app but haven’t installed it on your HP laptop. If you are facing this issue, you have to install the Cricut software by navigating to your downloaded Cricut file from the Downloads folder. After that, you must follow the simple steps on your display and install the app correctly. After installation, you can simply open it like other apps.

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