What Is A Cricut Machine, And How Does It Work?

Cricut Machine
December 9, 2022 by
Richie Remington

What Is A Cricut Machine, And How Does It Work?

Are you into crafts? If you are, you must have found yourself struggling to make a precision cut at times, whether it be paper, cloth, or leather. Maybe you made that cut perfectly but needed more time to find tools. If this is the case, then don't worry. We have got you covered today, and it is none other than the Cricut Machine itself. The Cricut machine is a machine that cuts a wide variety of materials precisely without much labor.

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What is a Cricut Machine used for?

Artists, Craft-Enthusiast, and manufacturers use Cricut machines extensively to craft many products. Are you an artist? Do you love making homemade greeting cards or leather purses? Well, the Cricut machine can help. Or you are probably a professional that makes custom T-shirts. Over here as well, Cricut machines come in handy.

The Cricut machines can cut many materials: paper, Vinyl, cardstock, leather, balsa wood, fabrics, and cork. Virtually anything a hardened knife can cut. The only thing that sets a knife cut and the Cricut machine cut aside is the precision and effort. Working with this machine requires way less effort.

How does a Cricut Machine work?

The machine is smart, meaning it receives its input from an intelligent device, i.e., A computer or a mobile. One can create a design or download it from the internet. And after doing that, the machine receives the cutout layout via a wired connection or wireless. After ensuring the proper structure, you fasten the fabric onto the device. Then you choose the appropriate settings, such as material, and the blades do their job upon clicking the start button. And there you go; your professionally made design piece is ready to be worked upon.

Types of Cricut Machines

Circuit Machines come in many sizes. Not only do they have different form factors, but the functionalities they bring are also diverse. And all of the machines are specifically made keeping different users in mind. One has to make a conscious decision when it comes to choosing one. We are discussing a few in brief on this occasion.

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The Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is a compact machine built keeping portability and accessibility in mind. It cuts materials up to 5.5 inches wide. But when it comes to accessibility, it shines, cutting nearly 40 different materials. The intended users of these machines are casual artists and those who like to develop DIYs (Do it yourselves) from scratch. As a beginner, one is tight on budget, so we recommend this machine to newbies—who are just starting.

Features of Cricut Joy

  • Highly portable: It only weighs 1.75 Kg. Along with that, packing and setting up are fast and effortless.
  • Compact design: The form factor it comes up with is slim and compact. This means it can be easily stored as well.
  • Inexpensive: In comparison with other machines, it is cheap. Certainly, the most affordable among others.
  • Easy connectivity: It connects easily via Bluetooth.

The Cricut Explore 3

Cricut Explore 3 is a machine that comes without the limitations of the device we discussed earlier, i.e., Cricut Joy. It is a full-fledged work machine that has the ability to cut through most materials. And does not require a Cricut mat to cut through, thanks to its ability to use smart materials.

Features of Cricut Explore 3

  • Quality: The output, i.e., the cutout it generates, is of high-quality thanks to the precision cut technology.
  • Relatively Cheaper: The Cricut Explore 3 is cheaper than the Cricut Maker 3.
  • Effective: The machine is competent enough to be used in diverse scenarios, as it can cut over 40 types of materials.
  • Smart Materials: It uses smart materials, which do not require a Cricut mat, and setting up with this can be as fast as 2x.
  • Easy connectivity: It connects easily via Bluetooth.

The Cricut Explore Air 2

This machine equips you with more freedom, and you can delightfully cut more than 100 materials; you will hardly find anything which it can't cut through. Similar to others, this one also lets you import custom-made designs from your computer or portable devices. Even if you don't get any, you can always access the huge library on the internet.

Features of Cricut Explore Air 2

  • Precision: This machine is extremely precise; you won't be compromising on quality, indeed.
  • Fast: It cuts and writes nearly two times faster.
  • Diverse use case: The use case this machine brings with itself is diverse since you can cut through 100+ materials.
  • Easy connectivity: It connects easily via Bluetooth.

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This article has been relatively short yet insightful about the Cricut machine family. We first started with understanding Cricut machines. Then we moved on to discussing the use case. And finally, we moved on to discussing different types of these.


Do I need a Cricut Machine?

It depends upon who you are and what you want the Cricut machine to do. If your work involves constant cutting and writing on various materials and you want to maintain quality. Then you might need one.

Which one is better, the Cricut Joy or the Cricut Explore 3?

You might prefer Cricut Joy if your workflow is casual and you prefer portability. On the other hand, The Cricut Explore 3 delivers a premium-quality finish. You might choose it if you are a professional.

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