Top 3 Cricut Maker 3 Bundles: Unlock Your Crafting Skills Now!

Cricut maker 3 bundles
March 9, 2024 by
Richie Remington

If you are looking for Cricut Maker 3 bundles, you should definitely read this blog to understand what’s included in these bundles and whether it’s worth getting. Cricut bundles are a savior for crafters. With the right set of bundles, you can save money and time on your favorite projects.

For beginners, it can be a powerhouse that covers almost everything they need while working on their Cricut machines. Plus, Cricut never stops launching the latest bundles for all beginners as well as professional crafters.

While updating tools with the latest trends, Cricut is always working to ensure customer satisfaction. And why not? Cricut Maker 3 is a favorite machine, and many people are always looking for something new.

Cricut Maker 3 Bundles

The Cricut Maker 3 machine is one of the top Cricut machines with a big user base. Basically, there are three types of bundles in Maker 3. You can choose one that fits your regular needs.

1.   Essentials Materials Bundle

This Maker 3 bundle includes a Basic and Essential tool set. You’ll get a weeder, scissors, a scraper, and a scoring stylus. Plus, you’ll get Smart vinyl and iron-on in different colors. So, along with all the essentials in the Maker 3 box, you’ll get the bundle items. See the list below.

  • Tool basic set
  • Transfer tape
  • Portable trimmer
  • Cutting mat pack (12 x 12)

2.   Everything Materials Bundle + Subscription

This is one of the best Cricut Maker 3 bundles which is available along with a Cricut Access subscription plan for a month. So, if you get this Cricut bundle, you can use the subscription for free. Isn’t it a great deal? Are you ready to see what is included in this bundle? Here is the list.

  • Smart Vinyl- Removable Sampler (Red/White/Black)
  • Smart Vinyl - Permanent Matte Metallic (Champagne)
  • Smart Vinyl- Permanent Matte Metallic (Silver)
  • Smart Vinyl- Removable Sampler (Grass/Ocean/ Maize Yellow)
  • Smart Iron-On (Holographic, Blue)
  • Smart Iron-On (Glitter & Gold)
  • Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock (Bright Bow)
  • Essential Tool Set
  • Transfer Tape
  • Basic Tool Set
  • Multi Pen Set (Black)
  • Smart Vinyl- Permanent Sampler (Red/White/Black)
  • Smart Iron-On (Glitter, Silver)

As this machine allows you to use the smart Cricut materials, all the projects you’ll make will be fun. And you will not run out of materials. Let’s look at the last bundle.

3.   Bundle for Card Making

If you are looking for a particular Cricut bundle for your cards, this bundle will be perfect for you. So, hang on and see what it gets you.

  • A Card Mat
  • A 5-Piece Tool Kit
  • A Fine-Point Pen Set
  • 30 Images,
  • Insert Cards Sample Pack

That’s all for the Cricut Maker 3 bundles. As Maker 3 is a versatile machine, its bundles are also loaded with the highest quality tools and smart materials.

Where to Get the Cricut Accessories Bundle?

Cricut bundles are available on the Cricut’s official website. You can navigate to to see all the bundles out there to choose from. These bundles are available for every Cricut cutting machine, like Maker 3, Explore Air 2, Joy, etc. Moreover, these robust bundles include all the important Cricut accessories needed to create a project.

It includes almost everything, so there will be no shortage of materials while you are making something with it. You will get a 30-day free access for the Cricut Access subscription in the Everything bundle of a Cricut machine. So, isn’t it interesting to get a handful of things at once?

Are Cricut Bundles Worth It in 2024?

Obviously, yes. Getting bundles is not a waste at all. In fact, it is the most useful thing you can ever do in your crafting journey as a beginner or as a high-level crafter.

If you buy Cricut bundles along with the machine, you can save a hefty amount of money, which is way better than buying each product separately. And, you will also save a lot of time in deciding what you want and arranging it then.

Overall, buying bundles is completely worth it in 2024 and all the years ahead due to the immense benefits of buying so. Therefore, if you want to get more in less, don’t wait for too long to get a Cricut bundle for yourself.


Cricut Maker 3 bundles are great if you are looking for a full package of necessary Cricut Maker 3 accessories. If you often use your Cricut, you will need a bundle to save money and time. Plus, a bundle will also reduce your guesswork when deciding everything related to making a project. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Cricut bundle soon and start your crafting journey with more excitement and enthusiasm.

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