Top 3 Cricut Joy Cyber Monday Deals for 2023

Cricut Cyber Monday Deals
November 27, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Are you looking for the best Cricut Joy Cyber Monday deals? Well, I have a secret that will save you $125.30 on Cricut Joy. Want to know how? You will get your answer in this blog. Through this blog, I will share the top 3 deals on Cricut Joy, Cricut Joy Xtra, and its bundles.

Being a passionate crafter, my role was to create attractive and unique crafts that would sell well. I am selling my Cricut products on various online e-commerce platforms. But, my successful career is nothing without these Cricut cutting machines.

Plus, I have been using these tools for more than 3 years, and my expertise allows me to guide you to the best deals you can get on Cricut Joy. I often buy expensive devices for special occasions, such as Black Friday and Cricut Cyber Monday deals. As a result, I get good discounts on products. Let’s delve into this blog to find out the best deals for Cricut Joy.

Deal 1: Cricut Joy

A Cricut Joy machine with its box available in the Cricut Joy Cyber Monday sale

Amazon is going on Cricut Joy Cyber Monday sales in which the price is expected to reduce from $179 to $125.30. But, if you want to buy this machine from Cricut’s official website setup, then you can get this at $129.99.

I understand this machine is not capable of massive production, but it is suitable for those who want portable devices. You will love to use this machine as it is portable, and you can cut small pieces while you are on the move.

Above all, you can organize and personalize almost anything using your Cricut Joy. Now, you can make happiness in just a few seconds. Whether it is personalized decals or pro-looking labels, Cricut Joy can handle all of them easily.

Deal 2: Cricut Joy + Smart Iron-On Bundle

A Cricut Joy with several smart iron-on materials in different colors.

The Cricut Joy + Smart Iron-On bundle is available at $169. Initially, it was available for $205. With these bundles, you will come with Smart Iron-On materials in different colors. However, when you buy this set, the machine also comes with various accessories and toolsets. For instance, blade + housing, fine point pen, standard grip mat, power adapter, and other ready-to-make projects. In addition to ready-to-make projects, you can access them on Cricut Design Space after registering your products online.

Besides these, I prefer to buy machines along with bundles because we get everything at affordable prices. Otherwise, we will need to buy them separately, which does not make sense to me. Hence, purchase the Cricut Joy + Smart Iron-On bundle in Cricut Joy Cyber Monday deals, as you will save up to $69.

Deal 3: Cricut Joy Xtra + Bundle

A Cricut Joy Xtra machine with everything bundle, including transfer tape, Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-On materials, and different wedding toolsets.

Cricut Joy Xtra is the newest version of Cricut Joy, which was released this year. This year, I am also planning to buy this advanced cutting machine, which comes with extra features. Users can use this device to make T-shirts, labels, stickers, and so much more.

Currently, the Joy Xtra is available at $199 in Cricut Joy Cyber Monday deals. However, prices may drop during the Cyber Monday sale. But, if you want to buy machines along with the Everything bundle, you can avail of them at $219.

Final Thoughts

I will give you only one piece of advice: wait for Cyber Monday. On this particular day, many brands, including Cricut, will go on big sales. During this sale, you can buy various items such as Cricut cutting machines, heat press devices, and other materials or bundles. In short, I have added 3 deals on Cricut Joy, the newest Xtra model, and its bundles. All these products are going on sale, and you may see some reduction in the price on Cricut Joy Cyber Monday sales.


Should I wait until Cyber Monday to buy a Cricut Joy?

Yes, you can wait if you want the best offer on each deal. The Cricut and many other retailers go on mega sales on these special occasions. This day is specially dedicated to online shopping. You should wait for this day and then purchase Cricut machines at the most affordable prices.

When does Cricut do the Cyber Monday sale?

This year, Cyber Monday is on the 27th of November. On this day, Cricut will go on a mega-deal that will include Cricut machines, supplies, accessories, and digital products. This is the day when you can save a good amount of money on every order. There is even a possibility of 50% off on Cricut materials and accessories. Therefore, Cyber Monday is the best time to shop for anything at decent discounts.

Is a Cricut Joy Xtra coming out this Cyber Monday sale?

Yes, currently, it is available at $199 on the Cricut site. Since the Xtra model was launched this year on September 7, 2023, the chances are high that Cricut and other retailers will offer a genuine offer on the Cyber Monday sale. Above all, Cricut offers the best value on Cricut machines along with bundles.

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