How To Use Cricut Transfer Tape [Learn Here]

Cricut Transfer Tape
January 24, 2023 by
Richie Remington

If you are on your crafting journey, you will come across different accessories. Here, we will discuss only one, Cricut transfer tape, which is commonly used during various projects. So, if you are someone looking for how to use Cricut transfer tape, this is the right place to find it. You can use our tips to make your vinyl projects with the transfer tape. Let’s learn what a transfer tape is, how it works and how you can use it in your projects.

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What Is A Cricut Transfer Tape?

As the name suggests, Cricut transfer tapes are used to transfer your cut adhesive vinyl to your blank material, such as a mug, water bottle, phone case, or anything that you may use. Otherwise, moving the cut vinyl pieces will be difficult without transfer tape. For a successful transfer, you need to move the cut vinyl pieces from their back to the original project without causing any harm to them and placing them in the right space. Transfer tape allows you to transfer the cut vinyl in the same place as it looks on the vinyl backer.

Why Use Cricut Transfer Tape?

Usually, it is used for vinyl Cricut projects. Once you cut a vinyl pattern with your Cricut machine, it will be on the back. Here, the purpose of using transfer tape is to transfer the cut design from the back to your final project without damaging it. It supports you while you work with vinyl. In other words, transfer tape will deliver the best results whenever there is a need to cut a vinyl piece to fix it to the project’s surface. It is usually used in large projects.

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How Does Cricut Transfer Tape Work?

When you have cut out your vinyl piece and removed the debris, you need to fix the clear transfer tape on the top of the vinyl and remove the vinyl backing paper. After that, move and place the vinyl on your project’s surface and remove the transfer tape slowly to its final location.

How To Use Cricut Transfer Tape?

First, cut your design from adhesive vinyl on your Cricut machine. Then, remove the excess vinyl in and around the design, and when you are satisfied with the design, it’s time to break out the transfer tape.

Follow the steps to use a Cricut transfer tape:

  1. Take the transfer tape and cut it a little larger than your actual design. Transfer tapes are reusable, and you can use them several times before discarding them.
  2. Remove the backing paper and keep it safe so you can use it again to put transfer tape on it later.
  3. Then, place the transfer paper on your design and burn it well. You can either use a scrapper or an old gift card.
  4. You can either turn your piece over and remove the backing paper or lift the transfer paper if you want to. Ultimately, you need to fix your design on the tape clearly. If it doesn’t, press it again, go ahead with the scraper, and try lifting again.
  5. When your design is on the tape, you can place it for your project.
  6. Press the vinyl.
  7. Then, remove the transfer tape. Ensure that the vinyl sits well on your project’s surface. If it’s not sticking well, remove the tape and burn it before lifting it the second time.

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Which Transfer Tape Should I Use?

Many options are available in the market for transfer tape. If you are just starting with the transfer tape, Cricut transfer tape would be the best for you. Otherwise, experimenting with different brands is not a bad idea to get an idea of what you should consider. But according to my experience, Cricut tape is clear, has grid lines, and gets easily lined up on your final projects.

Is There Any Alternative To Transfer Tape?

Yes, you can use a few alternatives instead of a transfer tape. It is quite possible that your transfer tape is too sticky for the project, and you want something light. In that case, painter’s tape is a good option. Ensure the tape is large enough to cover your design. Contact paper is another option. Moreover, you can also use press and seal saran wrap instead of transfer tape. Usually, people use press and seal when they have to transfer vinyl to a poster board, where the transfer tape may be too sticky.

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Which Transfer Tape To Us For Cricut Vinyl?

You will require a strong tape to transfer glitter and holographic vinyl that can easily adhere to your project’s surface. In such cases, use Cricut’s StrongGrip transfer tape, which is available as a high-class option in the market with grid lines.

For How Long Can You Use A Transfer Tape?

You can use transfer tape until it does not lose its stickiness. Usually, you can use it 2-3 times. Or it could be used for more time.

Should I Use Different Transfer Tapes For Vinyl?

Either you will use regular tape or a strong grip transfer tape. Mostly, you will have to use regular transfer tape. In contrast, the StrongGrip transfer tape is used for heavier vinyl, such as glitter vinyl. This option will work strongly and will not let you take your vinyl off and on the surface.

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