How to Use Cricut Iron on Vinyl? [2 Easy Methods]

Cricut Iron on Vinyl
March 29, 2023 by
Richie Remington

For all the newcomers who want to learn about Cricut iron on vinyl, we are providing a complete Cricut heat press guide. So, if you are wondering how to use Cricut iron on vinyl, you don’t have to worry. You can actually follow our guide with a regular iron too. So, without wasting a minute, let’s learn how to use Cricut iron-on vinyl.

Cricut iron-on vinyl, or HTV, is a kind of vinyl with a heat-sensitive adhesive. To use this, you just need to cut it in your favorite design and press it with a hot iron or a heat press. The design will stick to the fabric. The heat-transfer vinyl has a clear plastic covering at the back. Then the vinyl is weeded, and then it is placed and ironed on the fabric.

However, before you use Cricut iron on vinyl, you have to cut iron on vinyl and make your design ready.


Steps to Cut Your Cricut Iron-on Vinyl

Working with Cricut iron-on vinyl is easy when you know the process. Before moving on to the process, let’s see what you will need to use it.

  1.  A PC with Design Space installed.
  2. Your design is ready for use.
  3. A Cricut cutting machine, such as the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore Air 2.
  4. Cricut Everyday iron-on vinyl
  5. Cutting mat
  6. A weeding tool

 What will you need to iron on? You will need the given things to apply Cricut iron-on:

  1.  A fabric, such as a shirt or anything else you want to decorate.
  2. A regular iron, the Cricut Easy Press, or a heat press.
  3. A folded towel or a Cricut EasyPress mat.

Upload Your Design-to-Design Space

Go to your Cricut Design Space and load your design. You can upload files that you have found online. Otherwise, you can look in the Cricut Image Library or create a design on your own in the Design Space. We are using a basic T-shirt design in this blog that will be easier for all beginners. Once you've picked the right design for you, move ahead to the next steps.

Rearrange Your Design

Once you upload the image, rearrange it to fit your project. Use a T-shirt template from the Design Space to check how it will look on a T-shirt.

Now, select your entire design and adjust the size from the top toolbar. Then, press Color Sync in the top right corner and confirm your complete design will be cut in the same color.

Once you set the design, tap on the green "Make It" button in the top right to see the preview. After that, choose the "Mirror" option on the left panel. Now, press the green "Continue" button at the bottom. This is a very important step; don’t forget it.

Pick the Material

In this step, you need to pick a material, and the Cricut Design Space will ask you for it. Select the iron-on material from a drop-down menu in Cricut Maker and rotate the dial on your machine to iron-on in Cricut Explore.


Load the Vinyl on Your Cutting Mat

Load the iron-on vinyl with the plastic side down on your cutting mat. Also, ensure that the shiny plastic side is facing downward to avoid a cut. Once done, smooth the vinyl on a cutting mat with a brayer or your fingers. Make sure your machine has the fine-point blade installed.

Load the Cutting Mat into the Machine and Cut

In this step, load the cutting mat into the Cricut and press the up/down arrow button on the machine to load the mat correctly into the machine.

Remove the Excess Vinyl

Once the cutting is done, press the arrow button again to release your mat. Your cut may have extra vinyl that needs to be taken off. This process is also called weeding. So, remove the excess vinyl with a weeding tool. Start by removing the bigger particles, and then move on to the smaller particles that have no role in your final project.

 Note: Remember to remove the interiors of A’s and O’s.

Transfer Your Final Design

This is the final step, where you put your final design on your project, like on the shirt that we are making today. So, in this step, you will need a regular iron, a Cricut EasyPress, or any other press to use to transfer the design onto your material. As we have discussed, you can make this project even if you don’t have a Cricut heat press.

Hence, we will address both methods—by Cricut EasyPress and by regular iron.


Method 1: Cricut EasyPress

You finally have your design, and you need to transfer it to a plain white shirt. Cricut EasyPress is a convenient way to apply heat and transfer the design.

Heat up Your EasyPress

As we are using a pure cotton T-shirt, set the EasyPress to 315 degrees Fahrenheit. For other materials, prefer the heat guide that comes with your machine.

Pre-heat Your Material

Once the EasyPress is heated, pre-heat your fabric. This step helps the fabric get ready for the final touch of heat and also flattens the material, and removes moisture. To pre-heat the material, place your shirt on the EasyPress Mat or a folded towel to smooth the surface. Then, set the timer for 5 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, place the EasyPress in the middle of the shirt and press the "C" button to get started.

Press Your Material

Then, place the weeded vinyl decal with its shiny side up so the vinyl is placed against the fabric and the plastic backing is facing upwards. Ensure that the EasyPress is placed in the center, and set the EasyPress timer for about 30 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, press "C" to start.

Then, flip your project over and press it from the back for about 15 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peel off the Vinyl

Allow the shirt to cool for a few minutes. Then, try to slowly peel off the clear plastic liner from the vinyl. If the vinyl also starts to pull away, stop and again apply the heat to the front and back for 10 seconds each.

When your vinyl is completely loaded onto the fabric, peel off the plastic liner, and you have completed the process.

Method 2: Using Household Iron

Household iron also works great for transferring the design.


Similar to the Easy Press, let the iron heat and pre-press your T-shirt before actually transferring the vinyl. It will make the fabric’s surface smooth and free from dust. Hence, press your fabric for 10–15 seconds where you will put the vinyl.


Here, places your final vinyl design with its plastic side facing upward where you want to place your image. Make sure that the shiny side is at the front. Once the design is placed, cover the plastic with a thin fabric.

Now press your fabric with normal pressure for 25–30 seconds on one part of the design. Now, lift the iron and press again for 25–30 seconds, trying to cover the entire area where you will transfer the design.

Then, flip the project and press for an additional 25–30 seconds.


Allow the vinyl to cool, and then try to slowly peel it off from the plastic liner. If the vinyl also comes with plastic, stop and apply heat for about 10 seconds on each side. Once the vinyl is attached to the surface of a fabric, start to peel off the clear plastic.

Finally, you have transferred the design onto your shirt. We hope that this blog has helped you enough to learn how to use Cricut iron on vinyl.

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