How to Make Cricut Baby Shower Invitations: Full Guide

cricut baby shower invitations
February 29, 2024 by
Richie Remington

A few weeks ago, my sister gave me the news that I was going to be an aunt, and not only would I be the event manager, but I would also be the godmother. After hearing such good news, I am on cloud nine, and countless ideas are coming to my mind to host this event. However, I decided to invite guests by creating cute yet elegant Cricut baby shower invitations and adding a pinch of personal touch to them.

Beyond question, organizing such a grand party isn’t as easy as ABC since I will be in charge of the event. But many thanks to my husband and children for supporting me every step of the way. Apart from my family members, my Cricut machine will also help me in designing customized cards for guests.

Let’s start giving a perfect look to this unique custom-made craft without wasting even a moment.

Which Cricut Tools Should I Use for Creating a Custom Card?

After researching for hours, I finally decided to design the cards in the shape of baby onesies. Like other projects, I will need some tools to help me make the project in perfect condition. However, I must learn everything about them to finish them smoothly without technical issues. Below, you will get to know about all the craft plotter supplies that are involved in this crafting process:

  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Design Space account
  • Cricut cutting mat
  • Any inkjet printer
  • White & Pink printing paper
  • Cricut blade
  • Strong adhesive glue

How Can I Make Cricut Baby Shower Invitations?

I will observe this paragraph to make cute welcome cards with Cricut products at home. Moreover, I need to finish this do-it-yourself craft without skipping any step. Have a look at the details given in the below pointers:

Step 1: First, Make a Design on the Cricut App

Download the Cricut app on your devices in the opening stage of making this craft. After the successful installation, create your separate account by entering my email ID & password inside the blank. Next, press the New Project button, and your Design Space canvas will appear on your screen.

At this point of designing baby shower cards, click Upload and insert the onesies outlet from your system download or Cricut folder. Now, press the Complex button on the right side of your onesie outlet. Afterward, select the Save as a cut image, followed by the Save button.

Once the outlet gets shifted to the canvas, make it a little bigger and choose the Duplicate option on the screen’s right side. When the image gets duplicated, change its color by pressing the Materials color box. Now, tap the Text toolbar and enter the space with the text you want inside the outlet. Next, tick the Weld box and fill in the space between the words and the alphabet.

Following this, duplicate your onesie in white, change its color to Blue, and choose the Send to Back option. Afterward, place it at the back of the white onesie and increase its size compared to the white one. After doing that, select the other design and press the Attach button given at the bottom right hand of the canvas. Now, choose the white onesie design and tap the Attach option.

Equally important, tap the Make It box and return to the canvas. After reaching there, change the color of another onesie to pink. Then, select the Send to Printer option. At the print setup window, choose your printer names and total copies. Next, press the Print option.

Step 2: After That, Print Your Onesie

To take out the printout of Cricut baby shower invitations:

  1. Insert the pink and white color printing paper inside your printer.
  2. Wait for a few minutes till your printer is printing on the loaded paper.
  3. After getting the printout, remove the pages from the machine and prepare for the cutting process.

Step 3: Next, Cut Your Onesie Design

Further, including the process, unbox your craft plotter, open your Clamp, and insert the compatible blade inside it. Following this, unbox your Cricut cut mats with the brayer tool. Next, put the printouts one by one inside the cut-die machine. After your craft plotter cuts the printouts, unload them and place them at the side of your table.

Step 4: Lastly, Put the Finishing Touches

Remove the cutting mat from your craft plotter after finalizing the baby shower card-cutting process. Afterward, peel off the extra material from the mat and keep the onesie project on the other side of the table. Then, turn the white onesie upside down and apply glue to it.

In conclusion, after applying glue to the Cricut baby shower invitations, put your white onesie on the blue one and press it for a few seconds. Finally, your craft is all set, and give it to your friends and family members on this occasion.

Besides this fantastic DIY craft, you can do multiple projects with the cut-die machine and other supplies. Some custom-made projects include keychains, coasters, t-shirts, onesies, baby signs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I Make a Baby Shower Onesie Using the Cricut App?

Answer: You can easily make custom-made onesies out of the Cricut app. Cricut Design Space Software is a design that works with the cut-die machine during cutting. While making the design, create the design with various tools such as images, text, templates, and others. The app will also offer a Cricut Access plan by paying a certain amount.

Question: What Are Various Baby Shower Projects That Can Be Made Out of Cricut?

Answer: The different baby show projects that electronic cutting machines can make for baby shower events are as follows:

  • Banner
  • Boxes
  • Cake toppers
  • Photo Booth
  • Custom made t-shirts
  • Greetings card
  • Hats
  • Onesies

Question: How Do I Create Cricut Baby Shower Invitations?

Answer: Read the below pointers and learn about making Cricut baby shower cards:

  1. Go to the Cricut Design Space application and sign in to your account.
  2. Next, choose your template from the Upload gallery and insert text and color.
  3. After that, take out the printout of the device and load the material on the machine.
  4. Now, unload the mat from the cutting machine and remove the design from the Cricut cut mat.
  5. Finally, you can make this do-it-yourself craft and give it as a gift at the party.

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