How to Make a Puzzle on Cricut: A Step-by-Step Guide

make a puzzle with cricut
April 30, 2024 by
Richie Remington

My nephew Philip is about to celebrate his 2nd birthday, and as his godmother, I'm determined to make it an unforgettable one. As a craft teacher, I couldn't resist the chance to surprise him with a unique gift. I decided to step into my art room and begin a puzzle-making adventure with my Cricut machine set up.

Of course, puzzles will not only test his mental skills but will also increase his IQ level. Before rolling over with how to make a puzzle on Cricut, I need to have all the crafting supplies. I am on a mission to teach you the right way to make a puzzle with Cricut.

If you are thinking that this project is very hard to create, then you are wrong. This guide will let you know the method through which you can make this craft with ease.

Step 1: Log in to Cricut App and Create a Design

Start the process by downloading Cricut Design Space on your device. If you don't have an account, create one by providing the required details. After creating your account, open the app and tap the Uploads toolbox. Now, upload the file from the Downloads folder into the Cricut Design app. After that, select your image and hit the Insert Image button at the bottom right side of the page.

Also, change the size of your image and open the Uploads toolbox again. At this point of how to make a puzzle on Cricut process, choose the picture and click the Save as a Print Then Cut Image option.

Next, start changing the size of your picture to make it fit perfectly on the puzzle. To make a puzzle with Cricut, select both of the files and open the Align section. After it opens, select Center. Then, tick the Attach option present at the end of the Layers column.

At this stage of how to make a puzzle on Cricut, follow the steps and and take out the printout of your picture. Now, place the printout on the item you are going to use and then remove the sticker paper from it. Equally important, give a smooth press to ensure that it is placed properly without leaving any bubbles.

Step 2: Select Material & Load It to Your Cricut Machine

To make a custom puzzle out of a cutting machine, you should settle down the design on your Cricut mat. After doing that, open the Browse All Materials drop-box and search for Cereal Box. After finding it, please select it and then hit the Done button given inside the green box. Now, go ahead and change the pressure from Default to More and load the Deep-Point Blade into Clamp B.

Step 3: Put All the Puzzle Pieces Together

Also, the cutting machine will do the rest of the work by cutting the design into equal parts. Following this, put the mat upside down and gently remove the puzzle without any hurries. Now, take your Cricut weeding tool and separate the puzzle pieces one by one without causing any damage to the image.

After collecting all the pieces of the puzzle, shuffle them and make the design again. While joining back all the pieces, you will surely feel proud of how smoothly you completed the process by paying attention to every single detail during the process.

Didn't you fall in love with how to make a puzzle on Cricut? If yes! Then, there is nothing better than looking at your kids playing with it with so much excitement. Besides, the puzzle can also become a great idea for giving as a present at a birthday party or a return gift to the guest.


Can You Make a Custom Puzzle With Cricut Design Space?

You can make a custom puzzle using the Cricut Design Space app. After signing into the app, it will get much easier for you to create the design that you are going to use for your puzzle. Also, the Cricut Design app will give you access to the library and other tools while drawing your design.

Which Blade Should I Use to Cut the Cricut Cereal Box?

The Cricut blade that can help you in cutting the cereal box is the Knife blade. With its sharp edges and amazing flexibility, you will get smooth cuts that will give you equal pieces of the puzzle. Also, it can be installed easily on the Clamp, which means that it will save time during the crafting process.

Is It Possible to Make Money With Cricut Puzzles?

Yes, you can surely make a lot of money by making custom puzzles. You can either start your own business or make it part-time and create puzzles out of any material. But, you should be aware of how to work the craft plotter and choose the correct materials before starting the process.

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