How to Download Cricut Design App? (Features)

Cricut Design App
October 30, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Have you ever thought about how those custom project designs are made? You might have guessed it right: DIYers across the world use the Cricut app. Cricut Design Space is a free cloud-based software developed by Cricut Inc. Moreover, this software gives users the freedom to design and create various patterns or designs with the Cricut machine. Besides, the Cricut Design Space app offers access to crafters to share their work with friends and in the Cricut community.

Apart from that, it also provides a drop-and-drag feature for simply designing, editing text, or uploading images. Design Space is famous among users as it is an easy-to-use platform for creating and customizing crafts using the cut-die range of products. Also, the Cricut machine app has a library of designs, fonts, images, and templates that assist the DIYer to groom up their creativity side.

Please don’t leave this golden chance as you will get lots of details in this blog regarding this software’s features & how to get it.

What Are the Salient Features of the Cricut App?

Before utilizing this software, all DIYers should ensure that they are aware of this free Cricut software. On the other hand, this Design Space app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices. With this software, one can wirelessly transfer or give a command to the cutting machine for printing purposes. The primary features of this cut-die machine app are as follows:

  1. The software comes with an in-built Bluetooth technology, which means that you aren’t supposed to use wire while using it.
  2. Through this feature, one can order to cut the material at any time from anywhere around the house.
  3. Equally important, the Cricut app permits the DIYer to use custom fonts while creating projects.
  4. They can use unlimited fonts while accessing it and can also add their favorite fonts to the system.
  5. Also, the Cricut machine app comes with Cricut Access plans, giving the DIYer an option to use the items from the ever-growing library.
  6. Besides, it also offers monthly/yearly plans with certain perks.

After getting thoroughly convinced about what Design Space is and its features, let us teach you how to get the app on the Windows operating system.

How to Download Cricut App on Windows?

Moreover, after fulfilling the basic Windows computer system requirements, this section will share with you the simple steps for the Cricut app download on your Windows.

  1. First, open Google Chrome and pay a visit to the official page of Cricut Design Space.
  2. Second, tick the Download button and let the file download on your respective system.
  3. Third, open the file by double-clicking the file on the web browser or opening the Downloads folder.
  4. Now, select the option I trust the application in the installation window will appear on your desktop.
  5. Afterward, minimize the tab and double-click on the Cricut app on your desktop home screen.
  6. Following this, if you are a newbie, then create an account by entering the details inside the blank.
  7. Also, if you are already a user, then sign in to your account by entering your credentials.
  8. Congratulations, you are now eligible to access the software and start drawing the DIY ideas.

How to Download Cricut Design Space on Mac?

On the other hand, the crafter can download, install, and download the Cricut machine app on your Mac computer. To complete the process, they need to take the help of the following steps:

  1. Initiate the process by opening the Safari web browser and going to Design Space’s official home page.
  2. After reaching the page, tick the “Download button” and let the file download on your system.
  3. Following the completion of the file download, open the folder and double-click the .dmg file.
  4. Now, move the Cricut icon to the Applications folder, and the app installation process will come into action.
  5. Following this, open the Applications folder and double-click the Design Space to launch the Cricut app.
  6. Now, go through the Mac notice and press the Open box to proceed towards the next step.
  7. Lastly, start creating your customized project by signing into your account using your Cricut ID password.
  8. Lastly, enjoy the application by opening the app appearing on your system home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Cricut App Available for Free to Crafters?

Answer: The Design Space app is a fully featured app that is available for free of cost to all crafters. One can easily connect their smart cutting machine with the app wirelessly with PCs & smartphones. With this app, the crafter can directly jump right away and start creating the crafts of their choice. Those who are new to handling the craft machine can take the benefit of a 30-day trial of the Cricut Access plan.

Question: What is a Cricut Design Space App?

Answer: Cricut Design Space is a web-based program allowing crafters to design projects and different projects on their desktops and phones. This Cricut app provides almost 75,000 images, 400 fonts, and more than 800 pre-designed Make it Now projects. Apart from that, the app supports PCs & smartphones. Besides, it also provides a Cricut Access plan to the users.

Question: Is It Worth to Subscribe Design Space?

Answer: If you are a passionate DIYer, then you can absolutely subscribe to the Cricut appThe app gives complete access to the user to design and create various projects or crafts as per their choice. With its multiple features and tools, it allows them to learn more about the crafting process. Another feature of this app is that it is free of cost, so that any user can download it on their system.

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