How to Customize Blank Shirts for Cricut Crafting Projects?

Cricut Crafting Projects
July 14, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Crafters use Cricut for a wide variety of projects. They can use it to make keychains and create designs on mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, and more. Cricut machines have introduced a new line of products allowing the DIY space to create customized heat transfer projects that look creative and professional at the same time. With it, as a crafter, you can personalize blank apparel at home while taking your crafting skills to a new level. But the thing is, where to get those jiffy shirts, and what machines will be apt for what blanks? In his post, you'll find answers to all your questions. But, before going deep down, let's understand blank apparel first.

What is a Blank Apparel?

Blank apparel is clothing that comes with no added decoration. It works as a blank canvas to show creativity with personalized designs, logos, labels, etc. They are free of lettering, logos, and pictures and thus can be used to do customized projects. Moreover, blank apparel in Cricut includes tee shirts, shirts, and tops in various sizes without designs. You can use this solid color to add a decal, heat transfer vinyl, or other Cricut material to improve the look.

How to Make Blank Apparel Designs?

If you want an "I Made This" emotion, you can create customized designs using your Cricut machine. Cricut machines come with features to cut intricate designs. You can use iron-on material to make blank apparel designs and begin with this crafting project in the Cricut design space.

Creating New Jiffy T-shirt Designs

JiffyShirts include several products in various sizes, colors, washes, and materials. The materials can range from eco-friendly fibers to cotton, polyester, etc. You can create a customized new jiffy t-shirt design by following the methods below.

Things You'll Need:

  • Blank Apparel
  • Cricut Explore 3
  • Smart Iron-On (White)
  • Weeding tool and material trimmer
  • EasyPress Mat

Steps to Make Blank Apparel Designs

  • Browse Cricut Design Space first.
  • Go to the Home page and Click New Project there.
  • Move to the left-hand navigation bar on the canvas. Click the "text" button to add text to your project.
  • To change the font, go to the top of the screen where the "font" option is.
  • The Cricut Design Space Desktop app allows you to curve your text too.
  • Once you finish your designs, click "Make It."
  • Cut the material by following the prompts, and once done, unload your material and remove the excess iron-on. This process is termed weeding.
  • The final step is to apply the iron-on. Use a heat press and follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned in the guide. Set accurate temperature and time length for optimum results.

With this, you will discover yet another process of making shirts, like using a sublimation machine. It’s an interesting one but a little bit of a complicated concept. So let’s get to know about it in the below section.

What is a Sublimation Machine & How to Choose it?

The sublimation machine is known for offering high-tech printing to perform printing jobs, especially on fabrics. It uses heat to evaporate the Ink while including the inkjet process to spread it on a sublimation paper. The pressurized heat helps transfer Ink to a polyester surface, making the ink transfer process flawless and quick. This machine delivers permanent results (it doesn't fade and crack). In choosing it, you need to consider a reliable machine ready to perform the job and includes features to handle several printing jobs. All these things help you make the right choice.

Best Sublimation Cricut Machine - Cricut Press

Cricut EasyPress 2 heats up to a maximum temperature range of 400 degrees vs. 350 degrees. Since it goes in a high-temperature range, you can use it for unisex sublimation t-shirts and more. The fundamentals for heat transfer include temperature, time, and pressure; the Cricut press stands with all these. But while using EasyPress, it will be good to remember that the machine at top settings for long periods will not provide optimum results over time.

What are Ink Sheets Used For?

Ink sheets are like pre-printed sheets of material already inked and ready to cut. It contains Ink that is designed to work aptly with the Cricut machine. Crafters can use them to decorate mugs and make designs on T-shirts while taking their creativity to a professional level. They can personalize T-shirts with their favorite quote or create a design - including a name, logo, or any designs they choose.

How to Buy Blank Shirts & T-Shirts?

There are many blank apparel available today. From t-shirts to tote bags, mugs, and wooden signs, you can buy them and try your creativity. To buy blank t-shirts, shirts, jiffy shirts, or any apparel of your choice, you can go to the official website of Cricut, Happy Crafters,, and Michaels. These websites have a wide collection of materials available in different colors.


Blanks are great if you own a crafting business or want to add a new design to apparel. Various websites are available to browse and find the style of shirts/t-shirts you are looking for. The only thing to ensure is choosing the right manufacturer and fabrics per your crafting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Ink for Cricut Press?

If you plan to create pro-level designs on T-shirts, you can buy Ink from the online platform Usually, the ink comes with the Cricut machine itself.

Is It Possible to Do Sublimation with a Cricut?

Yes, sublimation is possible with the Cricut machine. You need to make use of Cricut Design Space for sublimation printing. Moreover, you can use the upload feature of Cricut Design Space to upload sublimation PNG files.

What Cricut’s Material Works Best for T-shirts?

When it comes to Cricut projects, Cricut iron-on is the best material. Iron-on material includes a heat-activated backing that adheres to the base upon heating. Also, it lasts up to 50 washes.

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