How To Clean The Cricut Mat? [3 Methods Explained]

Cricut Mat
November 21, 2022 by
Richie Remington

Cricut machines are great for crafters. They use it to create various creative projects, from attractive gifts to extraordinary homemade objects for friends and family. But with so many uses, the Cricut machines’ mat can wear and tear. With a bit of cleaning effort, you can clean your mat and make it sticky again too. All thanks to the cleaning that can help, you save a little money by avoiding a trip to the shop. In this blog post, we will talk about simple procedures on how to clean Cricut mats.


Supplies & Tools Required For Cleaning:

  • Dish brush
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Alcohol-free baby wipes
  • Plastic scraper tool (Plastic)
  • Lint roller

Different Methods for Cleaning Cricut Mats

Cleaning is a way through which you can extend the life of your Cricut mat. Below we are going to discuss various methods to clean Cricut mats effortlessly. There are three methods of cleaning Cricut mats. They are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty cleaning.

Method 1: Light-Duty Cleaning

Here are some light-duty cleaning methods you can employ to maintain your mat after every project.

Using Scraper Tool

Use the plastic Cricut scraper tool to scrape off large pieces of leftover material or debris. Just pull the scrapper’s edge tool over your Cricut mat surface. Remember, the device should dislodge an excess amount of material, such as stray hair/fizz.

Lint Roller

Move ahead by rollover the Lint roller over the Cricut mat’s surface. The Lint roller removes small pieces of leftover material stuck to the mat. It will remove small amounts of excess material attached to the Cricut mat. This tool can pick up paper pieces that are smaller in size and glitter or fuzzies.

Using Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are not only the most convenient but also the cheap ones to clean Cricut mats. Apply gentle pressure while ensuring that the adhesive is not scratched off. Once done with the cleaning, let your Cricut mat completely dry. Make sure to wipe the mat in a circular motion.

Method 2: Medium-Duty Cleaning

If none of the above methods worked successfully, then go for the medium-duty cleaning method.

  • Use dish soap to wash the mat first.
  • Ensure to remove excess material from the Cricut mat via a scraper tool.
  • The next step is to lay the mat on a flat waterproof surface.
  • At last, ensure the mat is completely dry before making use of them for your purpose.

Method 3: Heavy-Duty Cleaning Methods

For dirty or greasy Cricut mats, you need robust cleaning methods. All you need is LA’s totally awesome spray. First, bring it and then use it to clean the mat. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • First of all, spray your Cricut mat.
  • Allow your mat to sit for some time, say 4 to 10 minutes.
  • Scrape the residue off using a scrapper tool.
  • Then rinse your Cricut mat with warm water.
  • At last, let your mat dry.

Methods to Clean Pink Cricut Fabric Mat

Pink Cricut mat actually includes a special type of adhesive that differs from the adhesive on the other mats. The adhesive applied on this mat is delicate; therefore, you need another cleaning method instead of the three mentioned above. To clean this mat, use a tweezer tool. Use it gently while removing more extensive pieces of leftover materials from the mat. Also, remember not to use Awesome spray or harsh cleaning sprays on pink Cricut fabric mats.

Why and How Often Cricut Mat Cleaning is Needed?

Cleaning of mats is required to extend their life. How often it is needed depends on the machine’s type of materials and uses. In case you use a device for materials like leather, denim, or glitter vinyl, it is recommended to clean your Cricut mats more often. Also, try to go for cleaning when the materials start not sticking the way it was done earlier. When you cut wood with the knife blade, clean it properly.

And if you are using it for cutting smooth materials such as vinyl or cardstock, fewer cleanings can work perfectly fine.

Overall, cleaning is directly proportional to using the Cricut Mat and the materials used. But generally, go for Cricut mat cleaning at least once a week if you use it regularly. Cricut mats tend to last for about 40-45 uses; after this, they start wearing out. You can see them losing their stickiness after some time. One of the ways to extend its life is by cleaning and understanding the procedures to make it sticky again.

How to make a Cricut Mat Sticky Again

Most often, cleaning can make your Cricut mat sticky again. Below we have provided simple instructions to make your old Cricut mat sticky again.

  • Use baby wipes, soap, and water to clean your mat first. Make sure the dirt has been removed properly.
  • Once cleaning is done, tape off your Cricut mat’s edges and prepare it for new adhesive.
  • In the next step, apply the new adhesive and let it dry. You can wait 10-15 minutes to use it for your project.

When you find that your Cricut mat is losing its stickiness, implement the steps in this blog. It is suggested to start with the gentlest methods and then move to the complex techniques if required. Furthermore, go through the most commonly asked questions below if you have any queries or concerns. This will help you clear your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Off-brand Mats Work for The Cricut?

In case you use an off brand cutting mat in your Cricut machine, you need to note that

How to Differentiate a green and blue Cricut mat?

You can differentiate them based on color. The standard grip mat is green in color, whereas the light grip mat is blue colored.

How Many Times Can I Use a Cricut Mat?

In general, a Cricut cutting mat tends to last for 40-45 uses. But you can use it more or less as per how it behaves. There are different types of Cricut mats, each with a different level of adhesive. Thus, their uses can vary too.

SOURCE: How To Clean The Cricut Mat? [3 Methods Explained]