How to Change Cricut Blade: Easy Steps for Precision Cutting

How to Change Cricut Blade
June 7, 2024 by
Richie Remington

If you want to know how to change Cricut blade, then you must already have a Cricut machine, and you have been using it. Changing a Cricut blade is an easy thing to do. You can do it in a few steps. After reading this blog, you will be able to change your Cricut machine’s blade easily.

It is necessary to change your machine’s blade at a regular interval. When you are having trouble cutting your material, you can change the blade so that you can keep the cutting crisp and clean. All the Cricut machines have precise and specific blades. Changing a blade will have a slightly different process depending upon which one of the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Venture, Joy, or other machines you are using.

Different Types of Cricut Blades

The type of blade you should use in your Cricut machine depends on the type of cutting you do. All the Cricut machines use different blades, according to the project requirements. For example, a Cricut Joy machine cuts with a Joy blade. Cricut Explore cuts with three different blades: Premium fine-point blade, Deep-point blade, and Bonded-fabric blade. A Cricut Maker machine uses five blades to cut different types of materials: A Rotary blade, Knife blade, Scoring wheel tip, Premium fine-point blade, and Deep-point blade. Also, the Cricut Venture cuts with a premium fine-point blade. I am going to write down how you can change these blades properly.

How to Change Cricut Blade (Premium Fine-Point)?

A fine-point blade is used in Cricut Maker, Explore, and Venture machines. It is very similar to a deep-point blade and bonded fabric blade. If you learn how to change a fine-point blade, you will be able to change all three of the point blades in the same way. Before going to change the blade, remember one thing. When you open your Cricut machine, you will see two Clamps. On the left, there is Clamp A, which holds pens and other tools. On the right side, there is a Clamp B that holds a blade. To change the blade, you need to remove the blade housing from Clamp B. Here are the other steps you have to follow:

  1. In the beginning, you have to remove the blade housing by opening Clamp B.
  2. Next, you will see there is a plunger on the housing. Push it gently.
  3. After that, you need to pull the blade carefully.
  4. Now, you have to insert a new blade in the blade housing. But before that, make sure you remove the protective cover from the new blade.
  5. After removing the protective cover of the blade, you can insert the new blade inside the housing. A built-in magnet inside the housing can hold the blade properly.
  6. In the end, you can put the housing back in Clamp B and then close it. The process of blade change is complete.

How to Change Cricut Blade (Knife and Drive Housing)?

The knife blade is used in the Cricut Maker machine. A knife blade can cut thick and dense materials like chipboard, balsa wood, craft foam, and leather. It can cut up 2.4mm. But when you are using it for a long, and the blade is not cutting materials properly, then you can change it by following these steps:

  1. First, remove the blade housing from Clamp B of the Cricut machine.
  2. Take the white blade cap from the packaging of the new blade and place it on the knife blade.
  3. Next, hold the blade housing from both ends and twist the cap anticlockwise to open it.
  4. Then, remove the old blade. It will easily be removed. You just have to tip it out.
  5. After that, put the new blade in the blade housing. Just remember to insert the bump of the blade into the bump of the blade housing well, and it will slide in easily.
  6. Now, tighten the blade using the cap.
  7. Lastly, place the blade housing into the Clamp.

How to Change a Cricut Rotary Blade?

A rotary blade is also used in the Cricut Maker machine. It cuts fabric materials, such as cotton, denim, and silk. It can cut delicate materials as well. If you use a Cricut Maker, then you should know how to change Cricut blade.  In the new blade packaging, there is a replacement kit is provided so that the blade can be replaced properly. The kit has a screwdriver and two plastic holders. Use the below-written steps to change the rotary blade:

  1. Put the plastic holder on the blade housing so that its sharp edges do not harm your hand.
  2. Next, open and remove the screw from the bottom of the blade housing with the help of the screwdriver.
  3. Keep the screw on watch so you don’t lose it because you are going to need it later.
  4. After that, take out the blade housing from the plastic holder.
  5. Again, insert the blade housing into the new protective blade cap.
  6. Then, put the screw back again and tighten it up with the screwdriver.
  7. In the following step, remove the protective cap again.
  8. Put the blade housing back again in Clamp B. The process of changing the blade is complete.


Blades in Cricut machines are the most important part, as these are basically digital cutting tools. I am sure, after reading the blog, you have learned how to change Cricut blade. All the Cricut machines use different types of blades according to their characteristics. The Cricut Maker uses all kinds of blades for cutting and crafting. Now that you have learned how you can change a blade in your Cricut machine, the interruption in your crafting will not appear. You can start working on your DIY projects again with your Cricut machine.


When Will I Know I Need to Replace My Cricut Blade?

When you see that the Cricut blade is not cutting materials as crispy as they used, then it is time to change the blade. Usually, I would advise you to put pressure while cutting your projects. But when your usual pressure is not enough, and you have to put extra pressure, then it is time. When the cutting is done, you see that the edges of the cuttings are not as sharp as they used to be; you should change the blade.

How Long Does a Cricut Blade Generally Last?

There is no fixed time interval for changing your Cricut blade. It mostly depends on how much you use the Cricut machine. If you work a lot on your machine, then you may have to change it as soon as a month. If you don’t use it often, it may work for as long as six months. But if you use it regularly but not a lot, the blade will easily work for 2-3 months.

What Is the Use of a Cricut Rotary Blade?

The Cricut Rotary blade is a unique rolling blade. With its help, you can cut and design fabrics like cotton, denim, silk, and many others. It can also cut very soft and delicate fabrics. With a capacity to cut less dense items, as low as 1.9 cm, you can even cut tissue paper with it. If you have to work with these light clothes, a Rotary blade is the best option.

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