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Richie Remington

Cricut Inc. keeps launching Cricut models for its buyers on a regular basis. When you buy any version of the Cricut machine setup, the DIYer gets the chance to unlock their creative side. It also empowers them to start a new business. Are you unable to make a final decision on which Cricut machine to choose for your DIY projects? Again, I am here to sort things out and help you make the right choice.

I wasn't able to be in touch with you for the past few weeks due to my hectic schedule. But I am going to bring it to you by sharing with you all the leading content about the different models of Cricut. Through this blog, I've tried and explained all the versions of the Cricut cutting machine so that you can build glitch-free crafts.

Cricut Maker Series

Cricut Maker 3 Setup is the most versatile craft machine with additional tools and accessories. It holds the ability to cut 300+ materials along with Smart Materials. Also, this clever cutting machine operates without a cutting mat. It clearly means that you need to put in the material and let your Cricut Maker 3 complete the rest of the work.

As compared to the rest of the Cricut models, this version cuts intricate designs with accuracy and precision. Plus, it comes with a Print Then Cut feature along with write, cut, draw, and foil on the compatible material. Further, this Cricut product connects wirelessly with the Design Space app as well as the home inkjet printer while making the project.

Another member who is a part of this family tree is Cricut Maker. This smart cutting machine is similar to Maker 3 as it can also cut Smart Materials with ease. Besides, this model holds the ability to cut more than 300 materials with its rotary blade. Other than that, Cricut Maker 3 can draw or write with a pen and connect with devices via Bluetooth or USB cable. Finally, all the users need to connect this craft plotter with the Cricut app for making customized designs.

Cricut Explore Series

Further adding to the Cricut models list, you can also include Cricut Explore 3 Setup, which is ideal for cutting 100+ materials along with Smart Materials. Just like Maker family models, it holds the ability to cut complicated designs with precision. So this craft plotter can write, foil, draw, and score on the material as per the requirement. Besides you can also connect this version with devices via USB cable or wirelessly. Lastly, the user needs to connect their machine with Design Space and make their project as per their choice.

Among the models of the Cricut Explore family comes Explore Air 2. It is a perfect choice for cutting 100+ materials, whether they are delicate or the toughest. Undoubtedly, it is similar to Explore 3 but can't cut Smart Materials. It makes it easy for the user to go from an idea to 'I Did It' within a few minutes. Also, Explore Air 2 holds the ability to cut, write, score and foil. Additionally, this Cricut product connects easily with the devices wirelessly or with a USB cord.

Cricut Joy Series

Referring to Cricut models, let's talk about the Cricut Joy cutting machine, which is portable, small, and easy to carry around and store anywhere. This craft machine is ideal for quick projects and cuts more than 50+ materials. Besides, it can also draw or write with a pen and cut intricate designs with accuracy. In addition, Cricut Joy is compatible with appropriately sized Smart Materials.

Talking about the latest model of Cricut, remember Cricut Joy's successor, Cricut Joy Xtra. Just like its ancestor, it cuts around 50+ materials and is compatible with home inkjet printers. Other than that, this cutting machine comes with the Print Then Cut feature that helps in creating customized stickers. In addition, Cricut Joy Xtra can write, draw, and foil as per the command given to them. Last but not least, this Cricut product needs to be connected with Design Space & comes with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Cricut Venture

Cricut Venture is one of the largest and fastest Cricut models that creates large-scale designs and quantities with precision. Also, it is a professional cutting machine that can cut 100 materials upto 75ft (22.8m) at commercial speed. In addition, this version can cut & write upto 25.4 in/sec. Plus, the Cricut Venture cutting machine cuts single images up to 12ft & repeated images up to 75 ft. Besides, it works with the free-to-use Design Space app & holds Bluetooth wireless technology.

Through this guide, you must've grabbed every single detail about different models of Cricut. If you are planning to buy any of these craft machines, ensure whether it will fulfill your crafting needs. In case you don't have any need for cutting, then refer to the Cricut Heat Press that will print your digital designs on the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Cricut Machine Do?

Cricut is a well-reputed American company known for manufacturing automatic Cricut models for home makers & crafters globally. Currently, seven different kinds of Cricut machines can effortlessly cut the thinnest to thickest materials within a snap of fingers. Apart from using the cutting machine, the users need to download Design Space, which helps in digitally designing the project on its canvas.

Can I Make Money With Cricut Machines?

Yes, you can surely make money by using Cricut machines. You can make various DIY projects out of craft machines at your home or office that you can sell in marketplaces or online platforms. Besides, you can also learn Cricut Design Space and teach beginners how to make designs on the Cricut software and operate a craft plotter during the cutting process.

What Are Different Cricut Models Available in the Market for Crafters?

To satisfy the DIYer's need, Cricut keeps launching new models by adding new features that can fulfill the demands. Since its establishment, the company has successfully launched seven different models along with its tools as well. The names of the Cricut models are:

  1. Cricut Maker
  2. Cricut Maker 3
  3. Cricut Explore 3
  4. Cricut Explore Air 2
  5. Cricut Joy
  6. Cricut Joy Xtra
  7. Cricut Venture

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