Cricut Reviews: Find the Perfect Crafting Companion

Cricut Reviews
May 23, 2023 by
Richie Remington

It is human nature to see feedback before doing anything new. The final decision to buy a cut-die machine depends on the best-at-least Cricut reviews from customers. User-given reviews are important for all.

It helps the customer to make the final choice of whether they are willing to purchase the item or not. It will help if you collect all the Cricut models at the best price range to craft new DIY projects. Before deciding to add the product to the circle, you are advised to go through the details expressed herein.

Unveiling Cricut's Dual Nature

Following the well-known idiom, every coin has two sides, and the same thing applies to this craft plotter. Since the company has laid its foundation in the creative industry, they've given blood and sweat in every manner.

They keep introducing a diverse range to satisfy the user's requirements. Before advancing towards any conclusion, ensure that you thoroughly investigate the pros and cons of each version. All your suspicions related to the best to most minor Cricut reviews will be settled down by collecting the information shared in the following section.

Cricut Models: Pros and Cons for the Right Choice

All creative minds know that the company ensures to fulfil all their customer's needs by receiving their feedback and trying to resolve them. Intending to make the final settlement related to Cricut, you are guided to look at the data explained here.

1.   Cricut Joy

This cut-die machine plays the role of a cherry on the cake for the rest of the Cricut as it's a light-weighted cutting and writing machine that can cut 50+ materials. Following the user's reviews, this Cricut model is compatible as an excellent choice to gift to the crafter.

It also offers extensive crafts that can be developed through the inserted material. One of the biggest disappointments with the product is its restricted software which continuously pushes you to take the monthly subscription plans. Furthermore, customers also faced issues while connecting it wirelessly, i.e., Bluetooth, while trying to send the created project.

2.   Cricut Maker

The Cricut cuts faster and sharper compared to other versions; however, it also provides a wide array of tools that are considered during the cutting process. Following the customer’s feedback, the package was delivered in time with proper packing with all the items mentioned on the bundle. Furthermore, Maker smoothly gets paired up with PCs & Mobile devices with Bluetooth & USB cables.

Most buyers felt that cutting down the Balsa wood during the procedure was a bit hectic work. Besides that, each material wants a separate blade to make it work with the machine. It led to personally purchasing the blade, which jumbled their budget.

3.   Cricut Maker 3

Considering the customer’s reviews, Maker 3 was eligible to provide the appropriate product to the buyer per their wish. Besides, the blade height settings are already pre-set, and one can smoothly replace the blade. You can easily use the Design Space app while drawing something new on Canvas and transferring it for the following process.

Moreover, one common issue encountered by every user includes the high pricing and the cut to be usual and precise without any errors on the material’s edges. What’s more different is that the accessories we should purchase separately are a little expensive.

4.   Cricut Explore 3

Explore 3 quickly fulfilled the audience’s expectations by modifying its features compared to its previous generation. The blades are long-lasting without worrying about changing them monthly. Additionally, it has given a lot of opportunities with vinyl cards and is one of the best options to be chosen for commencing one's own business.

Besides, the price of Explore 3 without the presence of the tools is high, which is one disadvantage. Moreover, the user manual provided with the machine sharing about Cricut and its functions isn’t available.

5.   Cricut Easy Press 2

The company added the Easy Press successor and named it Easy Press 2. One of the features that make this heat press different from its depressor is that it’s available in three different sizes. This heat press model comes with a complete instruction booklet and a tester to test whether it works.

Some buyers who bought the product felt that the prices frequently change while purchasing it from online stores. It also sometimes shows an error code when plugged in and isn’t getting returned even during the warranty period.

6.   Cricut BrightPad 2

This LED light Cricut tablet authorizes the crafter to observe every project detail, white wedding, tracing, removing unwanted paper pieces, and more. Additionally, it’s portable, lightweight, and can be carried anywhere. Most crafters recommend it because of its excellent quality and pocket-friendly price.

Apart from that, the light needs to be brighter, making the user focus less on the project during the weeding process. Besides that, it’s essential to plug in the power cord inside the port while using it.

The above-mentioned reviews will assist you in concluding that Cricut will be best for you in giving shape to various patterns/designs.


We hope this blog has lived up to your expectations. These Cricut best-to-least reviews list would have given a clear path in choosing which machine is the best option to invest money. However, if you have any kind of query, check out the frequently asked questions expressed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay any monthly fee while using Cricut?

No, you shouldn’t pay any monthly fee after purchasing the Cricut. However, to access the Cricut Access subscription, you need to pay monthly or yearly payments. The plans are divided into three options: Free, Standard & Premium, and the amount will depend upon the plan you purchase.

Is it worth owning a Cricut?

If you're an enthusiastic crafter, owning any Cricut version is a good choice. Not only is it an ultimate cutting machine and available in different versions, each with different features and prices. You also need to buy extra accessories to get the desired results.

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