Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Guide [Temp & Custom Settings]

Cricut EasyPress 2
April 28, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Cricut Easy Press is an awesome device that can give brand-like results for your DIY projects. However, if you want to use the Cricut Easy Press 2, you first need to understand its heat guide. You can use many materials; every material requires different temperatures and should be applied at different times. So, setting the right temperature is essential for your projects. To get the full information about Cricut Easy Press 2 heat guide, then keep reading this write-up to the end.

All About Cricut Easy Press 2 Heat

Knowing the right heat guide is essential, and here are some reasons why you should know that.

  1. Your design will not stick perfectly with the temperature is not right.
  2. The heat press can damage the material on which you are working.
  3. You will not get a satisfactory result if you do apply the right temperature for the right time as per your project material.

How to Get Access to Cricut Easy Press 2 Heat Guide?

If you want to know how to get access to Cricut Easy Press 2 heat guide, follow the below procedure.

  1. First, you are required to go to any web browser on your device and then type “Cricut Heat Guide” in the search bar.
  2. After that, you see the Heat Guide written in the results under the official website of Cricut.
  3. Click on it to open the heat guide page.
  4. Then you need to choose the Cricut EasyPress 2 from the option of the machine.
  5. After that, you need to open the drop-down menu of Select heat transfer material and choose the material you are using.
  6. And then, open the Select Base material drop-down menu and click on the base material you use.
  7. Also, you need to click on the Cricut Press Mat radio button if you use one.
  8. In the last step, you need to click on the Apply option.
  9. After that, you will see the right temperature and duration to apply the temperature to your project.

How to Adjust the Temperature on Cricut EasyPress 2?

Here is the Cricut Easy Press 2 heat guide to set the temperature manually on your machine.

  1. For the first step, press the temperature button on the Cricut Easy Press 2 machine. (Temperature button is with 3 heat wave signs)
  2. After that, you need to adjust the temperature using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
  3.  If you want to change the temperature from °C to °F or vice versa, then you need to press the temperature button. (Press and hold the temperature button until you see the change on the screen)
  4. Now, you need to set the time. For that, press the time button with the clock image. Set the timer using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
  5. When you see the orange light, it means it is heating up.
  6. If you see the green light, it means that the temperature has been reached.
  7. In case you are seeing the red light, it means there have been some errors.

How to Create Custom Settings in Cricut EasyPress 2?

Follow the steps below to create the custom settings in Cricut Easy Press 2. Here, we will take an example to know what things you will know in the heat guide.

  1. Let’s choose the Everyday Iron-on/Lite/Metallic for Heat-Transfer Material.
  2. And select the 100% material for base material.
  3. After that, click on the apply button, and you will see the follow-up results.
  4. Preheat for 5 seconds.
  5. 315℉ firm pressure for 30 seconds. (You can toggle the temperature from Fareihite to Celcius.)
  6. Supplies
  7. Prep
  8. Application.


What temperature should my Cricut EasyPress 2 be set at?

Switch on the Cricut EasyPress 2 machine after plugging it into the electric socket. And then, set the temperature based on the material you are using. Also, you must apply the temperature for the right amount of time to make the design stick perfectly.

What is the highest temp for EasyPress 2?

Cricut Easy Press 2 offers a maximum temperature of 400℉ (or 206℃). This machine comes with control buttons that allow you to set the temperatures as the requirements of your projects.

What is the difference in temperature between EasyPress and easy press 2?

EasyPress 2 has around 1.5 times more maximum temperature than EasyPress. The maximum temperature Cricut EasyPress has is 180℃. On the other hand, the maximum temperature of Cricut EasyPress 2 devices is 205℃.

Is Cricut EasyPress 2 compatible with the Cricut Heat app?

No, you cannot use the Cricut Heat app with the EasyPress 2 device. You can only use this with Cricut Easy Press 3 device after you connect your machine to your mobile phone using Bluetooth connectivity.


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