Cricut Easy Press 3 Machine Setup [Handbook]

Cricut Easy Press 3
April 19, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Cricut keeps introducing different versions of the Cricut Machine. Among them, Easy Press 3 is preferred by users. This material cut-die machine is more intelligent than its previous model with built-in Bluetooth technology. This technology allows one to choose the material and easily change the machine settings (set the temperature & timer).

However, you still have the choice to operate the machine manually if you aren’t comfortable with the Bluetooth facility. Besides, you must install the Design Space app on your mobile phone. Before adding this machine to your collection, you should look at the sections explained in this reference book.

What Does Cricut Easy Press 3 Mean?

Easy Press 3 has a heat press speed, an iron benefit, and the Heat Press mobile application for free on Android/iOS software. It is available in Blue color with a weight of 9.9 pounds and is pocket-friendly. Additionally, it has a heating press that designs crafts such as T-Shirts and Tote Bags in different sizes in a precise form and sharp edge without any material.

As I have shown the machine’s definition, it’s time to get introduced to the characteristics of the machine. In that case, you need to get information about its characteristics.

What are Easy Press 3 Characteristics?

Before buying this Cricut machine model, you must know its characteristics. The following paragraph will look at the machine’s characteristics:

It has an ideal size of 9x9 inches (22.5 cm X 22.5 cm), which is the perfect size for crafting personalized t-shirts, Tote bags, Pillow covers, etc. The machine has a Heat app that can connect to your mobile devices. It can control the heating temperature up to 400*F (250*C).

The machine has an advanced heat plate design with a ceramic-coated surface. It is also quickly adapted to HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), Infusible Inks, and sublimation products. Lastly, the cutting process will not get commenced till it’s connected to the Heat Press app with good internet connectivity.

Post-learning about the characteristics of the machine version will help you choose whether you must purchase the machine or not. If you’re confused about the machine’s previous and latest versions, go through the next section.

How to Differentiate Between Cricut Easy Press 2 & Easy Press 3?

If you already hold the machine's previous version and plan to add its latest version for better results. Then you must compare both machines by covering their primary pointers. The pointers will help you in choosing which will help you in choosing the correct model:

  1. The sizes of both models are the same as the presence of a safety base and an auto shut-off facility.
  2. The Easy Press 2 is available in multiple colors like Raspberry, Mint, Lilac & Blue. On the other hand, Easy Press 3 is available in Blue only.
  3. The machine's previous version didn’t have Bluetooth. Moreover, the updated version comes with Bluetooth facility.
  4. Lastly, these materials cutting-dyeing machine models are compatible with Infusible Ink and most Iron-On materials.

After learning about the differences, you will know which machine will suit you. You can get a brief idea of how to set up the machine in the below section.

What are the Supplies Recommended for Easy Press 3?

Users must have the following supplies while crafting products on this Cricut machine. The accessories will give top-class quality to the project. The supplies list recommended during the project cutting process are:

  1. Easy Press 3.
  2. Iron-On Vinyl (HTV).
  3. Infusible Ink.
  4. Machine’s primary tool set.
  5. Heat-resistant tape.
  6. Cardstock & Butcher paper.
  7. Lint roller.

How to Set Up an Easy Press 3 Machine for Crafting Projects?

Follow the instructions below to get the appropriate projects from the Easy Press 3 machine. Moreover, try not to sip any step that will make you face problems while using the machine for the projects:

  1. First, you must plug in the power and switch on the machine by turning the power button.
  2. Second, keep the distance between the device and the machine within 7 feet.
  3. Furthermore, ensure that Bluetooth is on.
  4. After turning on Bluetooth, pair up your device with the machine.
  5. Enter the PIN (if asked) to connect with Easy Press 3.
  6. Finally, you are ready to start designing your project on the machine.

After setting up the machine by following the steps above, you can start designing your DIY project.


After learning so much about the Cricut Easy Press 3, you must have known all the details about this machine. However, if you’ve any questions, you can read the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is purchasing Easy Press 3 a good choice?

Using the Regular Iron, you can press your clothes regularly by removing their creases. However, if you want a personalized t-shirt, then this machine is an excellent choice to invest your money in.

Does Iron-On Vinyl last long?

Yes, the crafts designed with Iron-On Vinyl last until 50 washes. To improve its quality, you shouldn’t use bleach or wash them with too much hot water.

What is the warranty period of Cricut Easy Press 3?

The Cricut Easy Press 3 warranty period is 01 year. You can return the machine within a limited time in proper packaging. The money will be refunded if the product isn’t broken or has any scratches.


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