An Ultimate Guide to Cricut Setup for PC on Windows 10

Cricut Setup for PC
June 21, 2023 by
Richie Remington

If you think of setting up a new Cricut machine, sometimes it is a little tough, but it can also be intimidating if you want to know the full steps to Cricut setup for PC on Windows 10. We're here to give you a brief introduction about how you can download the Cricut Design Space for your Windows 10. So, due to this, you would not face many difficulties with your new machine cutting your favorite print file.

Cricut Design Space is free online software for Cricut machines, and here users can select the image which will be cut by their device and their own design images. To use your machine, firstly, you have to download and install the Cricut design space. Installing the Cricut design space app free for iOS and Android for both.

What is Cricut, and How Does it Work?

The Cricut Design Space is a cutting machine for DIY Crafters. That software allows you to use your Cricut design. You can connect it to your computer or tablet with the help of USB Cables or WiFi. It is a digital design application that is used to set up and layout the projects. Cricut's Application is available to use on desktops and many other tablets and mobile phones, including iPhone and Android devices too. Users can create designs in Cricut Design Space and search for the material of their choice in the Cricut.

These are three machines for Cricut that you can choose from and Cricut setup for PC on Windows 10.

  1. Cricut Maker series
  2. Cricut Explore series
  3. Cricut Joy

The Cricut machine was a die-cut machine. It evolved over many years, but finally, it meant cutting materials for craft and DIY projects. The Cricut Maker can cut 300 different types of material, the Joy cuts over 50 different materials, and the Explore Air 2 cuts over 100 materials, including fabric.

Systems Required to Cricut Setup for PC on Windows 10

Cricut Designing Space is the free software that is used with Cricut smart cutting machines. The Cricut Design Space is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Follow the given steps for Cricut setup on Windows 10.

Note: An internet connection is compulsory to download and for signing in to this Application. Here are some requirements systems for the Application.

  • Windows 10 or later
  • CPU: Intel Dual-Core or equivalent AMD processor
  • RAM: It should be 4GB
  • 2 GB free disk space can be available
  • Display: Minimum 102px x 769x screen resolution

Cricut Setup for PC on Windows 10

The Cricut Design Space can be installed from its official website. Go through your browser on Windows 10 and search for Cricut's official website. It will automatically work with Mac or Windows systems. Mainly we refer to Google Chrome for this install. With Windows 10 download, click on the download box and download it.

Following are the steps to Cricut setup on Windows 10.

Step 1. Firstly, you have to connect with Cricut's official website from your PC on Windows 10.

Step 2. After that, reach there by clicking here.

Step 3. When you get to the official website now, enter your email address in the field shown to you and simply follow the next instructions.

Step 4. Ensure that you don't download any software or any app yet.

Step 5. After following all the instructions, scroll down toward the bottom of the screen until you get to select Windows 10.

Step 6. Then, you'll get the download link for the Cricut Design Space app on your desktop.

Step 7. Simply you have to click on the option of download and wait until it's finished.

Step 8. Once downloaded, go through the file and follow the instructions.


Learning about Cricut setup For PC on Windows 10 and the steps of setting it up. Cricut Design Space for Beginners can be a joyful and great experience. If you're new to installing the Cricut Design space in your Windows 10, you can follow given these easy steps. Cricut Design Space is a great graphics editor which is fully compatible with Windows 10. Installing the Cricut Design Space is a simple process, and users can easily download it after installation; after the Cricut setup on Windows 10, users can easily use the program.


Is it easy to use the Cricut Design Space?

Yes, it is easy to use the Cricut Design Space because the design is to be user-friendly and easy to use for beginners and experienced crafters. The setup is simple and straightforward, and the program provides helpful tips and tricks throughout.

What is the cost of Cricut Design Space?

No, there is no cost for the Application. The program is free to download and use. Also, there are no hidden fees or subscription fees. For additional products, you can pay for fonts and images from the Cricut app.

What can we make with Cricut Design Space?

Users can create various types of DIY projects with Cricut Design Space. They can include cards, decals, stickers, clothing, and accessories. Also, they can create home decor items such as wall art and many more. The program has the ability to cut fabrics, so users can make quilts and many other fabric crafts.

Can Cricut Work With Windows 10?

Yes, Cricut Design Space works with Windows 10. It required Windows 10 with at least a 64-bit version. Get a PC that can run at least Windows 10, 64-bit, or it can be higher. You should switch any computer that comes in "S mode" to work regularly in order to Cricut Design Space.