A Quick Guide on How to Use Cricut Maker 3

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August 12, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Crafting is pleasing with a Cricut machine. But if you have a brand new Cricut machine, you must first set it up. The process is exciting and intimidating at the time. Congratulations! You have just bought a new Cricut Maker 3 machine.

Are you excited to make your first project? Here is a definitive guide explaining the effortless steps to use this crafting machine. Get into it and start doing your projects with an easy setup procedure.

What's Included in the New Cricut Maker 3 Box?

Crafters can find more accessories and materials in the box with the new Maker machine. Let's have a tour of this wonderful machine below.

Here are several things that come in the box of this machine. Examine the box and make sure you have all these at the time of unboxing. All these will help you get started.

  • Cords: The USB cord plugs into the USB port on the right side of the machine.
  • The Machine: Lift the lid and open the machine. You will find tool clams A and B for blades and pens.
  • Buttons: There are power, load, go, and pause buttons for different settings.
  • The Design Space app is for Cricut new machine setup.

How to Connect Cricut Maker 3 With a Computer?

Here are a few easy-to-follow steps to implement to use the machine with a computer. Make sure to follow them cautiously for a proper setup.

  1. First, open an internet browser window.
  2. Now, go to cricut.com/setup.
  3. Later, start downloading and installing the Design Space app for the Desktop.
  4. Next, execute all the on-screen directions to create and sign in using a Cricut ID.
  5. When the following screen appears, choose your machine.
  6. Now, plug in your Cricut machine using a power cord.
  7. Press the Power button of your machine and turn it on.
  8. Thereafter, use a USB cord or pair the Maker machine using Bluetooth.
  9. Wait for some time till the Cricut Design Space app updates your machine.
  10. You will then see a prompt to register your machine.
  11. Finally, choose Continue.

You're all set to make your first cut with these efficient steps. You must follow the prompts and make your first project with the Maker 3 machine.

How to Connect Cricut Maker 3 With Windows/Mac via Bluetooth?

These instructions will guide you through easy ways of connecting the Maker 3 machine using Bluetooth. Most computers include Bluetooth capabilities, and thus, you can use it to connect your machine. Below, we will describe the process with an easy set of instructions.

For Windows

Connecting the machine with Bluetooth is an easy process. Go through the steps below for a proper connection.

  1. First of all, click on the Start button on your Windows.
  2. Select Settings and then enter Devices.
  3. After that, turn on the Bluetooth.
  4. Hit on Add Bluetooth device option, then.
  5. In the next step, select Bluetooth and wait till your computer find the machine.
  6. Select your machine and then type in the Pin 0000.

This is how you can connect your machine with Bluetooth on a Windows computer.

For Mac

Follow these simple steps to connect your Maker 3 machine to your Mac using Bluetooth. All these directions are easy to follow.

  1. Firstly, open the Apple menu.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Later, select the Bluetooth option.
  4. Now, select your machine from the available list of devices.
  5. Hit on Pair, then.
  6. When a prompt appears, use Pin 0000.

This way, you can easily use your Cricut Maker 3 machine on a Windows and Mac computer.


Maker machines can help you do wonders in the crafting world. You only need to learn how to use it and get into your first project. The process includes unboxing the kit and connecting the new Cricut Maker 3 machine to a Windows or Mac computer. Make the most of Design Space to end up with an excellent project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use a Maker 3 Machine with a Mobile Device?

Crafters can easily use their Maker 3 machine with a few steps below. These instructions are easy to implement.

  1. Begin by downloading and installing the Design Space app.
  2. Now, launch the app.
  3. You can then sign in or create a Cricut ID.
  4. In the next step, tap on the menu and choose Machine Setup.
  5. Choose your machine model, then.
  6. Now, follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Plug in your machine using the power cord and turn it on.
  8. In the next step, pair your machine to the device using Bluetooth.

How to Update the Firmware in Cricut Maker 3?

Below are some of the steps you can follow to update the firmware in your Maker 3 machine.

  1. First, go to the official website of Cricut.
  2. Now, move to Download & install the Design Space.
  3. Follow all the directions on the screen.
  4. Later, select Sign In or Create a new Cricut ID.
  5. The app will detect your machine and check the update for firmware.
  6. Next, tap on Update.

How to Connect Maker 3 to an iOS Device Using Bluetooth?

Here is a simple step-by-step process to connect the Maker 3 machine to an iOS device. We are talking about the steps to connect via Bluetooth.

  • Begin by moving to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your device.
  • Next, find your printer from the list of devices.
  • If there is a prompt, enter PIN 0000.

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