8 Unique Cricut Leather Projects for Making DIY Projects

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May 11, 2024 by
Richie Remington

Hey, avid crafters, are you looking for unique Cricut leather projects? If yes, you have come to the right place! In this blog, you will learn about the wonderful projects that I have made over the years using my Cricut machine and leather.

Leather can be a great material for making crafts. It also gives a classy look to anything that you create. Be it a passport holder or keychain, you have endless ideas on how to make your own stuff. The best part is that you can create all kinds of useful items, such as cord organizers, baby shoes, and earrings.

Whether it is a Cricut Maker Setup or an Explore machine, you have to explore different operations such as engraving, debossing, and much more than cutting. Let’s dive into it without further ado!

1.  Passport Holder

Why buy any other passport holder when you can make your own passport holder using a Cricut machine? Such a cool leather idea that my sister recommended. Actually, she recently moved to London to pursue higher education. In order to give her something precious, I tried to make this passport holder especially for her. So, if you are looking for easy-to-make Cricut leather projects, here you go with a holder!

2.  Baby Shoes

Wow, such adorable leather baby shoes!🥰 Babies stuff is really cute, no? Okay, so coming to the point, I created this for my newborn cousin’s daughter. I just wanted to give her something that is very cute. Also, it is made up of Cricut, so it can be used to show off at home to make a memory. If you want to make something for a newborn, Cricut has your back! 😁

3.  Faux Leather Earrings

Looking for something gorgeous for gifting? I have made one of the faux leather Cricut projects that you can make easily in no time. This superb and intricately cut earring is made using a Cricut cutting machine. Yes, I never thought we could create beautiful jewelry using a robust Cricut machine. No doubt, Cricut is amazing as it allows us to explore ideas in Cricut leather projects that we have never thought of in our dreams.

4.  Luggage Tag

Are you planning a summer or vocational trip with your friends? Then, you must be carrying some luggage, right? If so, you need to give it a tag. Create this personalized tag using leather and a Cricut machine, give it to all your friends, and add the same to your bag as well. And go on a journey where nobody stops you from being yourself!

5.  No-Stitch Wallet

Need a wallet that, too, without any stitching on it? I know stitching is a big task when it comes to a wallet. But with Cricut, you really don’t need it. In order to create such an extraordinary wallet, you need a Cricut machine and some piece of leather. After that, you are ready to go! Just explore ideas like Cricut leather projects and bring your ideas to reality!

6.  Cord Keepers

I can manage cords like USB cables and wired phones using this leather cord keeper. I made this out of frustration when I couldn’t deal with those clumsy cords. Hence, I made this keeper only on Cricut. It is not only easy to create but also keeps my things organized and easy to find. Thanks to Cricut for the amazing devices that they have built so far.

7.  Key Fob

Want some little key chains? Here’s the key fob. See how beautiful they are. I love them because they are multiple colors with different patterns. Also, these Cricut leather projects can be used as gifts for your loved ones. Start creating with your full dedication and see the magic your Cricut delivers! So, add your love with Cricut and let your artistic skills spread their spirit everywhere.

8.  Journal

Are you looking for Cricut leather projects or something for your journal? If yes, here you go with this enticing-looking journal cover that I created using my Cricut Maker 3 machine. As you can see above, I used a debossing effect on the front cover. Hence, for this particular project, you will need to rely on Cricut Maker or its latest version, Cricut Maker 3.


Can I use Cricut on leather?

You can use your Cricut to cut and engrave your leather. The Cricut offers many models for many operations, such as the Cricut Maker, Explore, and Venture machines. To use the machine, you first need to take the desirable size of leather and then place it on the strong grip mat. So, if you want the best results, you can use Cricut genuine leather, a clean cutting mat, and a sharp blade.

Can I engrave leather?

Yes, absolutely; you can use your leather with specialized tools. Engraving is a way to customize leather by removing some leather through carving or etching. So, use the engraving tool and start carving on your leather.

Here are some steps you need to follow to engrave leather.

  1. Choose a design
  2. Use acetone
  3. Attach the right accessory
  4. Trace the design

What other Cricut projects can I create using leather?

There are multiple Cricut leather projects that you can try using your Cricut cutting machine. The projects are easy to cut and engrave. All you need is the right tool to cut and engrave the leather. Here are the list of DIY projects that you can make using leather:

  1. Bows
  3. Coasters
  4. Earrings
  5. Bracelets
  6. Keychains
  7. Flowers
  8. Phone cases
  9. Wallets

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