6 Stunning Christmas Ornaments Made with Cricut [2023]

Cricut vinyl Christmas ornaments
December 1, 2023 by
Richie Remington

With Christmas getting closer, now is the perfect time to share my favorite ideas for Christmas ornaments made with Cricut. I had fun making these unique DIY projects last year, and the memories of decorating the Xmas tree and the house with them bring me joy.

In this blog, I am unveiling 7 ideas that will definitely stand out and grab people’s attention. As we all know, Christmas is the best festive holiday of the year, and everyone eagerly waits for it. In order to make it special and memorable, people love to create handmade crafts and gifts to enhance their holidays. Let’s dive into these fabulous Cricut ornament ideas!

1.  Personalized Family Ornaments

I made these ornaments for my family. Now, you can also enjoy the togetherness by crafting custom ornaments for each family member. Use your Cricut cutting machine to cut out their names onto ornaments of your choice. It will not only add a personal touch to your tree, but it will also create a wonderful gift that captures the essence of family unity.

2.  Quilled Paper X-Mas Tree

Show your crafting skills with Christmas ornaments made with Cricut, e.g., Quilled Paper X-Mas tree. This is my favorite ornament, and I made this using quilling paper with different shades of green. So, cut and design your ornaments precisely to get the beautiful patterns and shapes from colored paper strips. Make them look stunning and stand out on your Christmas tree. Lastly, the delicacy and detail of these creations will add an artistic touch to your holiday decor.

3.  Vinyl Baubles

Without the use of baubles, the Christmas tree decoration is incomplete. Hence, I made these plain glass or plastic ornaments with the help of vinyl. You can cut the vinyl with festive phrases with full precision using Cricut. With this cutting device, you can also ensure clean and professional-looking designs. To personalize these Cricut vinyl Christmas ornaments, you must add the name and catchy quotes to attract people.

4.  Felt Reindeer

When I made this last year, my toddlers were too happy to see this cute little reindeer. Whoever came to our house also praised this art of mine. I created this holiday decor by cutting out adorable reindeer shapes from felt using my Cricut Maker machine. Plus, I added small details like a bright red nose and miniature antlers to these charming ornaments. Such Christmas ornaments made with Cricut are perfect for both kids and adults. Also, these reindeer creations are sure to become everyone’s favorites.

5.  Wooden Disc

This year, you should try to craft ornaments from wooden discs. Use your Cricut to cut out intricate designs such as circular round shapes, snowflakes, or detailed patterns. These wooden ornaments bring a spirit of the Christmas holidays, making them a perfect addition to your house. However, I made it using a Cricut Maker 3. For this particular project, Cricut Maker 3 is the best because of its versatility feature.

6.  Cardstock Snowflake

This cardstock snowflake makes my Christmas tree look fabulous. In this ornament, I opted for white cardstock to add an extra sparkle. Also, there is no particular Cricut machine to use for this project; You can try any advanced Cricut cutting machine to get delicate snowflake pieces made with your Cricut. The intricate designs of these snowflakes show the beauty of the season. Plus, it is easily customizable as per your choice.


In this guide, you will find 6 ideas for Christmas ornaments made with Cricut. This Christmas season, show your creativity with the help of your set up Cricut machine. Whether they are personalized family ornaments or intricate paper-cut designs, make anything with your Cricut Maker and Explore series and Joy cutting machine. These self-made ornaments will make your tree look unique to everyone. So, get ready with your Cricut and make beautiful ornaments to make this festive day memorable.


How to use Cricut vinyl on Christmas ornaments?

In order to use Cricut vinyl on any Christmas ornaments, I use vinyl ease transfer tape. Because I find it works best for me. While using it, you have to burn it really well using a Cricut scraper and then peel off the packing. Thus, it will leave the vinyl on the transfer tape. Before you apply to your ornament, you should clip the transfer tap only from all directions using your scissors. Make sure you do not cut the vinyl. Finally, place it on your bauble.

How to make acrylic Christmas ornaments with Cricut?

Acrylic is stronger, more durable, and weather resistant. Due to these features, it is widely used for various purposes, including ornaments. Follow the steps below to make acrylic ornaments.

  1. On the Cricut app, browse all materials and choose thick acrylic up to 2 mm.
  2. After that, load the engraving tool.
  3. Then, load the mat along with the acrylic tape.
  4. Press the flashing button to begin engraving.
  5. Here, you need to start the machine for cutting.
  6. Finally, weed the design and apply the transfer tape to the design.

What supplies do I need to make Cricut vinyl Christmas ornaments?

You may try several supplies for making vinyl-based Christmas ornaments. Below, I have given a list of those supplies which you can try for your projects. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic ornaments
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Weeding tool
  • Cricut infusible ink
  • Clear plastic balls
  • Wood slices
  • Iron-on vinyl

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