6 Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners to Start Your Projects

Cricut project ideas
February 6, 2024 by
Richie Remington

Hey, dear crafters? Are you looking for easy-to-make Cricut projects for beginners? If yes, you have come to the right place. As a blogger, I often get comments from people asking about the best Cricut Setup projects suitable for beginners. To which I have already answered. But then I realized why I didn’t write a complete blog covering all the basic and beginner-friendly DIY projects.

Thus, I have written this blog to show you 6 Cricut projects that every beginner can make. Whether you need personalized T-shirts or vinyl decals for decor, you will find all kinds of Cricut project ideas.

So, are you ready to dive into this blog with me? If yes, let’s get started!

1.  Wall Decals

We often need something to decorate our home. Sometimes, we decorate our home at festivals or special occasions such as birthday or anniversary parties. The decorations are a must to spread the vibes of the special events. But, making handmade crafts or decor at the last minute of the celebration can be tedious for many. Hence, if you are a Cricut user or create such a project on a cutting machine, you can create such wall decals, one of the best Cricut projects for beginners.

2.  Stickers

Have you tried making stickers on Cricut? This is an easy-to-make project. You may also require the printer to print and cut the image on your Cricut. Using the Cricut Joy or another cutting machine, you will have customized stickers. Since there are many stickers, you can make a simple one. The material required for stickers is Iron-On, which you can easily find from Cricut’s official website Cricut.com setup mac. Just create a design on Design Space and send it to your Cricut machine to cut.

3.  Wooden Coaster

A personalized wooden coaster is my all-time favorite Cricut project. This was my first project last year when I bought a new Cricut Joy. At the same time, I also ordered some Cricut coasters as they are very compatible with Infusible ink materials. Just Design on Design Space software and cut it on your cutting machine. After cutting the design, you can place the sheet on your coasters.

4.  Customized T-shirt

I designed this T-shirt while I was learning to transfer the design to fabrics. I especially ordered a blank T-shirt from Amazon and added this vinyl design. For this T-shirt, I used Iron-On in three different colors, and I had to cut them separately by changing the material. If you want to make it easier, you can use the exact vinyl color. I would recommend you to use white-colored vinyl as it looks really great on darker clothes.

5.  Mug

When my little sister turned 18, I wanted to gift her something handmade. Hence, I made her this beautiful mug on her 18th birthday. I had to use printable vinyl to create this colorful happy birthday mug. Since my design had colorful elements, I wanted to print it on vinyl and transfer it using my Cricut Mug Press. So what are you waiting for? It is really easy to create Cricut projects for beginners on Design Space. Rest, Cricut can cut your design intricately.

6.  Acrylic Keychain

Who doesn’t use the key? Every one of us might have some kind of keychain. Some belong to our vehicles, and some to our room. But do you know you can also have your personalized keychain? As you can see in the above picture, I created this for my best friend, Michelle. She was one of my school’s best friends. Hence, I made this for her on her 27th birthday. I also added the first letter of her name to make her feel special.


There are 6 easy-to-make Cricut projects for beginners that I also tried when I was learning to use Cricut. Thanks to Cricut, which made my crafting easier. I did not have to consume so much time creating these beautiful cricut projects. So, if you also have some great ideas for Cricut projects, then you should start with easier projects. This is my advice to all my beginner’s craters who are going to make something for the first time.


What are the must-have supplies for Cricut projects?

The supply requirements mainly depend on the type of project you are making. However, some materials or tools are common to all projects. Hence, use the supplies I have mentioned below. They are almost suitable for all types of projects:

What projects can I make with my Cricut machine?

If you are a Cricut user, you have endless possibilities to create amazing Cricut projects for beginners. All you need are basic supplies to bring your ideas to reality.

  1. Custom gifts for Glassware, Jewelry, and more.
  2. Cards for Valentine’s cards, Christmas cards, congratulations cards, etc.
  3. Apparel for customized T-shirts, onesies, and other types of apparel.
  4. Paper flowers for 3D paper flowers for walls, wreaths for decor, and flower garlands.
  5. Custom hats in all shapes and types.

Which Cricut machine is suitable for beginners?

Beginners often want to use machines occasionally. If you need a cutting machine for occasional use, get a Cricut Joy. This small machine can cut, write, and draw in one go. In addition, it has some features that you will get in the more expressive machines. Besides, it is easily portable, meaning you can take it anywhere while traveling.

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