5 Best Cricut Maker Parts for Enhancing Your DIY Projects

Cricut Maker Parts
June 15, 2023 by
Richie Remington

Cricut Maker Parts

With the help of the Cricut Maker parts, the crafter can create something new by picking up a specific material to move closer to the cutting process. Other than that, the DIYers are offered voluminous tools to help the crafter to replace the blades once it starts getting exhausted.

Moreover, to make a worthy project, it's essential to keep replacing the parts of the cutter on a timely basis before it gets difficult to exchange them at an expensive cost. The user should also be responsible for using the correct parts during the process. Keep scrolling down the blog and collect the most details about the cutter blades.

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1.  Premium-Fine Point Replacement Blades (10 ct.)

Previously referred to as the German Carbide Premium Blade, this Cricut Maker replacement blade holds out wearable and long-lasting life permitting to craft small to big projects within hours of cutting. Developed especially to cut down mid-weighted material, the quality of the blade depends upon the type of material. Equally important, Cricut Access users are given a discount while purchasing the time.

2.  Cricut Maker Replacement Power Cord

If you want a backup or replacement to ignore last-minute accidents, use this power cord. While examining this power cord, you'll notice two sections: the AC plug, which connects to the wall, which is 6 ft (1.8 m) long, and the cord connecting to the Maker machine measuring 5.25 ft (1.6m) long. The total length of both the cord will be 11.25 ft (3.4 m).

3.  Cricut Maker 20 PCs Replacement Blades

This Cricut Maker parts bundle consists of 20 PCs containing 5 pcs of 30*Fine-Point blades (Yellow Cap)+ 10 PCs of 45* Standard blades (Red Cap) & 5 PCs of 60* Deep Cut (Blue Cap). These blades are made of quality carbide, sturdy & durable, don't get rusted easily, and serve longer.

4.  Premium-Fine Point Replacement Blades (5 ct.)

Specially created to cut down light to medium weighted material, this Maker machine replacement blade's longevity varies depending on the material chosen during the process. Moreover, the endurance of this improvised replacement blade offers lasting sharpness for better exact cutting in the future. With this Cricut Maker replacement blade, one can convert imaginary ideas into the real world.

5.  Rubber Roller Replacement Parts

These C-shaped are one of the Cricut Maker parts, the metal pieces holding the rubber rollers to keep them from constantly moving. With this replacement part, you can take the craft to the next level. There is no need to disassemble the roll before starting the machine.

All the details shared by the Cricut Maker parts in the above section of the post are important before starting any cutting process. So you must be very cautious before operating the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Tools That Come With Cricut Maker Machine?

While opening the Cricut Maker machine, the user will come across while opening the machine box includes the items mentioned below:

  • Green StandardGrip Mat 12’” x 12”.
  • Basic Tool Set.
  • Maker Machine.
  • Cricut Maker Blades.
  • Welcome Book.
  • Supplies for Test Cut.

Is Adding a Maker Cutting Machine Into the Craft Room a Good Decision?

If you want to create your identity in the creative market, buying Maker cutting machine is one of the best decisions. After learning to operate the machine, one can effortlessly craft various projects covering the softest to hardest materials by giving it a perfect formation through its blades.

Can I connect Cricut Maker with Design Space to create a design?

To create the designs, all users must get the Design Space app on their respective devices. With the app's help, one can easily draw the ideas running into their minds by using images, fonts, or preferring to ready-to-use projects. Without this app, the cutting machine won't be able to get started.

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