4 Must-Have Cricut Maker Supplies for Your Crafting Journey

Cricut Maker Supplies
June 7, 2023 by
Richie Remington

This blog post is going to inform you about the Cricut Maker supplies a crafter must have. But before we go over the supplies, let us tell you about the Cricut Maker. Cricut Maker is the beginning of a new era for crafters and DIY makers. This cutting machine is an upgraded and totally redesigned version of the Cricut Explore. It is capable of producing 10 times more pressure than any machine. This means you can cut materials like leather, wood, and chipboard, meaning it can easily and quickly cut through denser and thicker materials. It has more control over its tools thanks to the new Adaptive Tool System.

In addition, it has a docking station on which you can keep your device while working with the Cricut Maker. And now you can charge your phone or tablet with the machine. It has a USB port for the same purpose.

1.  Rotary Blade

They are best suitable for sewing projects. These blades can cut elegant designs easily and quickly, making them more suitable for designing and sewing works. They can work on various materials like cotton, denim, silk, and even canvas and burlap, and that too without any backing.

It can even cut delicate materials like tissue paper and crepe. You can choose any design or pattern from Cricut Design Space, and this rotary blade will cut it out very easily. With this blade, you can make items like bags, quilts, stuffed animals, home decor, and many more. It is made of stainless steel hence no chance of rust, and it is durable.

2.  Knife Blade

To provide you with a whole new experience of cutting and crafting, a knife blade is the perfect tool. It can cut or slice through various materials and even through denser and thicker materials like matboard, chipboard, leather, and balsa wood with precision and ease.

It is one of the best Cricut Maker supplies for numerous projects or craft ideas that especially require extra dimensions like puzzles, models, leather goods, dinosaur skeletons, wood decor, dioramas, and so much more.

If you select a design that might take time, then it is advised to turn off the sleep mode of your device. If somehow your device goes into sleep mode or the connection is broken, your design might be ruined completely as the machine starts from the beginning.

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3.  Foil Transfer

If you wish to add some royal and elegant touch to your project, then a foil transfer kit is all you need. It provides your project with a whole new vibe. This tool is convenient, i.e., easy to use, and all the materials come with it. It has three tips for designs ranging from fine width to bold.

You can keep it over the sheet on which you want the pattern printed, select the design size, and just press the print button. Please don’t select the cut button; it will cut the design instead of printing it. In the kit, you will find three tips for different thicknesses of lines, 12 silver foil, and 48 pre-cut tapes to hold the foil in position. With this, you can make endless shiny projects like invitation cards, gift wraps, birthday cards, and many more.

4.  Milky Gel Pen

Make your projects more lively with these Milky Gel Pens. This pen can add a special touch to your drawn or written projects. They are the best to give your project a more stylish look. With these pens, you can write any phrase or even a whole message perfectly with just one click.

It is one of the best Cricut Maker supplies for projects like carvings, drawings, or doodling work, as it does everything perfectly and without any error. From old, boring, and lifeless projects to glossy, stunning, and alive projects, this all can be done with these pens.

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Cricut Maker is the best idea for investment for a crafter. It is best for vinyl, fabric, and many other materials. This machine allows you to cut precisely and accurately over more than 300 materials. And It can work on both delicate materials like paper and fabric, as well as hard materials such as leather and matboard. It can work with 13 various tools that can help you accurately cut, engrave, debosses, or have other decorative effects.


What supplies do I need for my Cricut Maker?

The type of Cricut Maker supplies totally depends upon your need. In case you want to make an invitation card, then the supplies will need to be different from those you will need for making a faux keychain. But there are some basic supplies that can work for almost every type of project. Some of these are rotary blades, foil transfer, and knife blades.

What accessories go with the Cricut maker?

Either a beginner or an experienced user, every Cricut user must have these Cricut Maker supplies: tweezer, scraper, weeder, scissors, and snips. Cricut has combined these five tools into a set to provide ease of use for beginners. And a weeder is a must-to-have tool if you are working on vinyl or iron-on.

What supplies are needed to start using Cricut Maker?

To start crafting from Cricut Maker, you need a very basic amount of supplies. Here we have listed the basic Cricut Maker supplies. All you need is a mat, a blade to cut, pens to draw any design or write any text, a vinyl sheet, a tweezer, a scraper to remove extra waste materials from the mat, and a weeder. If you have these supplies, then you can start crafting using Cricut Maker.

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